Dreaming of Thailand

Bringing Thai-inspired gracious hospitality to Qatar, Benjarong the new luxury oasis in the city’s West Bay area offers an exquisite culinary journey through the exotic tastes of Thailand at Dusit Doha Hotel.

Whilst we dream of vacationing once again, we couldn’t help but crave Thai cuisine to get that all authentic taste from one of our favourite hotspots. Benjarong had lately found its way into our hearts

proving to be our go-to place on account of everything being prepared to perfection, and let’s just say any reason is a good reason to have a delectable meal made by the city’s finest!

Dusit’s signature Thai restaurant, Benjarong, gave us the authentic Thai vibe we had been longing for with the cuisine created using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Usually, the restaurant is a modern oasis for people to meet, dine, stay and relax. However, this time around, our quarantined self had to call and make sure that we left nothing to our dreams anymore.

Fine dining at home has to be an experience for all; a stylishly dressed gentleman delivered our food in a timely manner and our taste buds were treated to a truly authentic taste of Thailand. The menu itself is unparalleled showcasing the best of Royal Thai cuisine, amplifying the Asian balance between dishes.

“The meat was succulent and the moment we took the first bite, it felt like falling in love all over again.”

Reflecting Dusit International’s unique brand of Thai-inspired gracious hospitality, Benjarong Thai Restaurant blends modern and traditional design elements to provide a warm vibe whilst we enjoyed (and devoured!) their signature dishes and contemporary creations in the comfort of our lounge with Netflix on the TV. The privilege of experiencing a dish as tasty as Massaman Ka Kae as told in the poem of King Rama II – a king who reigned over Thailand – in which a slow-cooked tender lamb shank danced with homemade massaman curry, potatoes, cashew nuts and

cherry tomatoes. The meat was succulent and the moment we took the first bite, it felt like falling in love all over again. The melt-in-your-mouth chicken culminated in the Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai Yang Kreung Gaeng curry that was influenced by strong, pungent and powerful ingredients, amplified the taste of the dish. Another exclusive Thai dessert for us was the famous ‘Khao Niew Moon Mamuang Gub I-Tim Kati’ the sweet sticky rice and mango dessert proved to be an absolute showcase, with its aesthetic amplifying the overall gastronomical experience!

Designed to provide luxury experiences and world-class hospitality, Benjarong is not just about the Thai treat as it adds a unique blend of luxury Thai experiences along with the true essence of Qatari hospitality and artistry.

For deliveries and more information, please call 4004 4444.
@benjarongdoha / @dusitdohahotel

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