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La Katz creates classic and timeless silk products. Founder Laura Sänger’s focus is for beauty and quality to go hand in hand. Many consumers have lost the understanding of how the things we wear are made and what materials our clothes are made of. This is why La Katz not only produces better, but particularly good and sophisticated products: every detail, from yarn to packaging, has been rethought and all clothing designed with skin-friendliness in mind.  For Laura Sänger it is important that aesthetics and healthy materials are not mutually exclusive.

La Katz’s philosophy corresponds to the cradle to cradle concept. It is necessary to focus on being good rather than less bad. This means that the entire value chain is rethought and designed according to the criteria of material health. Not only the raw material, but every unit of material, from yarn to packaging, must be healthy for people and the environment. No harmful substance or plastic are used in the process.

For La Katz beauty goes beyond the design of a garment. A dress does not only consist of a great cut and unique colors, but true elegance is also characterized by quality – for luxury that lasts. This is why the entire production is well thought out. The silk is originally from India, it’s dyed in Vienna and the products are handcrafted in Germany.

“A strong sophisticated personality” is the message la Katzs’ pieces ought to communicate, also, this is the feeling it wants to gift to people wearing them. La Katzs’ pieces take in mind the need of a sophisticated woman who desires for high- quality luxury clothing to enter her wardrobe for the creation of a casual daily elegance that can find space in everyday life or on a special occasion. Simple, graceful and chic – a classic beauty is elaborated with a more cosmopolitan aura.

From its’ majestic chic lines to it’s world of colors, la Katz always seeks to offer true beauty to the women who choose it. The brand’s philosophy transpires through its’ materials and designs as it seeks to celebrate womens’ bodies, all beautiful in their own way. Laura Sänger dares to be the queen of colors choosing the most beautiful tones for her silk garments: Avignon, Ultramarine, Portofino Lemon, Coral Sands, Emerald, True Red, Alabaster and Orange Tiger. Color and styling options appear to be infinite.

La Katz wants to celebrate beauty, strength, colors and quality.

La Katz Silk and Production

La Katz silk is certified and follows a strict, holistic concept that does not harm people, the environment or animals. The brand does not use pesticides or genetic sprays. The metamorphosis from the silkworm to the butterfly is supported. Harmful chemicals are completely prohibited making La Katz’s silk much softer than the conventional one.

An overview of the components of la Katz is necessary in order to understand it’s value. La Katz silk is made in India, through an entirely organic and natural process. The coloring is done in Austria by using a certified process recognized to be organic. The yarn is made in Germany and it’s a cotton yarn; while most manufactures use plastic yarn. The label is made in Germany and it’s an organic cotton certified label that is free from harmful substances. Finally, packaging is made in Austria and it’s entirely biodegradable.

Looking at the production process of La Katz silk in more detail.

La Katz silk does not use pesticides or genetic sprays. To protect the silkworms from harmful insects or birds we use mosquito nets; this doesn’t usually occur in the creation of conventional silk where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are often used.

Once the butterflies have left their cocoons, the cocoons are processed without the use of harmful chemicals, which are completely banned in the production process. Only natural soap is added, it’s eco friendly and certified organic. This differs from the common process of making conventional silk. For conventional silk – the silk cocoon is made heavier by using toxic salts of metal including chromium, barium, lead or iron.

The finishing of la Katz’s silk is done by using natural bio oils from different herbs (e.g. to make the fabric soft). Differently, in conventional silk hazardous chemicals such as optical brighteners are normally used for the finishing process.

In la Katz both the dye and finishing ensures an untreated silk which is completely biodegradable; while in conventional silk dye, toxic chemical and blending fibers often hinder biodegradability.

Benefits of La Katz Silk

La Katz’s organic and untreated silk can unfold the natural properties of silk: it hydrates and nourishes your skin. For conventional silk, instead, the natural benefits of silk are lost due to the use of pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

La Katz’s silk maintains all the benefits of silk:

  • It allows the skin to breath so minimizing sweat retention, which would lead to pimples and
  • Silk clothing is the only textile with an anti-aging & lifting effect. Silk contains sericin, which nourishes, soothes, hydrates and plumps, leaving skin luminous and
  • It facilitates the smoothing of wrinkles. Silk is a natural material full of essential amino acids and natural proteins and as a consequence it relaxes the nervous system and thus the wrinkles, which develop with age, are smoothed.
  • Silk warms when it’s cold and cools when it’s
  • Silk is tearproof and has the greatest elasticity of all natural


Silk Coats (740.00 Euros)

  • Ultramarine Silk Coat
  • Emerald Silk Coat
  • Alabaster Silk Coat
  • True Red Silk Coat
  • Portofino Lemon Silk Coat
  • Avignon Silk Coat
  • Orange Tiger Silk Coat
  • Coral Sands Silk Coat

Silk Blazer (540.00 Euros)

  • Alabaster Silk Blazer
  • True Red Silk Blazer
  • Emerald Silk Blazer
  • Ultramarine Silk Blazer
  • Coral Sands Silk Blazer
  • Avignon Silk Blazer
  • Orange Tiger Silk Blazer
  • Portofino Lemon Silk Blazer

Silk Blouse (350.00 Euros)

  • Alabaster Blouse
  • Avignon Blouse
  • Ultramarine Blouse

Scrunchie (35.00 Euros)

  • Alabaster Scrunchie
  • Ultramarine Scrunchie
  • Coral Sands Scrunchie
  • True Red Scrunchie
  • Emerald Scrunchie
  • Avignon Scrunchie
  • Portofino Lemon Scrunchie
  • Orange Tiger Scrunchie

About the Designer

Founder Laura Sänger is 30 years old (18/03/1990), now she lives in Vienna with her fiancé and her Maltipoo.

Before creating la Katz she worked in the PR sector for startups in Vienna and New York. She then continued her PR career working for an interior design client in Berlin and that’s where she became aware of the cradle to cradle sustainability concept. At this point she didn’t see her career in the communication industry anymore and wanted to combine two aspects important for her: meaning and beauty.

La Katz is born in March 2020 with the aim to create a product that is aesthetic, but also meaningful. Her aim is not only to improve some partial aspect, but to rethink the entire value chain. So creating a product that is beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Clothing that is healthy. An important part for her are colors. It was crucial for her to create a brand that doesn’t match the usual Instagram aesthetic (static and in beige tones), but rather radiates lively.

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