New Year, Newer YOU

After a year like no other, OHLALA’s Amica Sicilia finds a refuge of calm and beauty at Nails and Blowdry Bar at Salwa Road.

Never has there been more of a need to say: out with the old, in with the new. After a year that tested us like never before – and a festive season excessively celebrating it drawing to a close – both body and soul are crying out for a moment to unplug, unwind, and rejuvenate in preparation for a new year. But fear not, we have the solution – mark your diaries for a completely luxurious pampering session. You’ve never deserved it more!

I direct my steps towards an old favourite that has never let us down. The Salwa Road home of Nails and BD is a hidden gem, a Doha stalwart with half a dozen other branches scattered like precious pearls across the city. This is so much more than a salon; it’s a day spa with everything you need for head-to-toe, root-to-tip self-care. Behind an understated entrance, a lift carries me above the noise of the city to a refuge of tranquillity and beauty. The intimate reception area is all soft curves and curtains in creamy white and pale pink – and a warm welcome behind immaculate masks and face shields. I follow past a series of discreet rooms for waxing, threading, and facials along a softly lit corridor that, at its end, flowers into two airy open treatment rooms, their clean lines lit by daylight streaming through wide windows. One is a temple to hair, the other dedicated to the art of nails. And today, I get to experience both.

First up, it’s all about hair. We begin, as every good salon visit should, with a careful consultation. 2020 was tough on my poor tresses – too rarely trimmed, too often thrown into a stressed-out messy bun. BD Stylist Leah listens and identifies that my long locks are deceptively fine and need a little help to achieve that enviable volume.

She has the rescue package for me in the form of a personalised Kérastase Fusio treatment. We begin with the calming Scrub Apaisant that is scented with sweet orange peel. Its light gel texture gently lifts product build-up, a balm for even the most sensitive of scalps. As my skin is soothed, my soul is uplifted by refreshing peppermint essential oil, its antioxidant properties sending energy zinging into my previously deflated roots.

I lose myself in the head massage of dreams as my hair doctor works her magic. The secret remedy? A true power couple in the form of the Fusio-Dose Concentré Densifique procalcium treatment and rich Masque Densité to replenish each strand of hair, regenerating along its length for truly luscious locks. As my hair is gently dried, it’s time to give my overworked hands and feet some proper TLC, with a CND citrus spa manicure to energise and revive, and a CND marine mineral spa pedicure to deeply nurture and restore.

All I can do is lie back and float away on a blissful cloud as not only my hands and feet but also wrists, forearms, ankles, and calves are smoothed and soothed. A pearly illuminating masque is activated beneath warm towels before any tension I had left dissolves under a deep and luxurious massage.

With my skin soft and glowing, it’s time for the fun part. A shrine to the art of nails, Nails and BD Salwa boasts a dazzling palette in every finish and variation of the colours of the rainbow – and then some. Expert nail artists stand ready to add intricate micro-painting and embellishment for those who want to take their talons to the next level.

I toy with a deep opalescent blue, but it feels too ‘wintry’ a way to step into a new year. And though I’m tempted by a white powder dip with gold detailing, I think I’ll save that one for warmer days to come. In the end, I fall for a rosegold metallic Shellac gel, warm and blushing peachy, with just enough sparkle to catch the eye. It glides on like a dream. As for my newly nourished hair? Section by section, BD Stylist Leah gently dries and styles, subtly framing my face and revealing that her magic has worked. My hair is fuller and glowing with health, my natural colour seems deeper and more vibrant. Is that really me in the mirror? It’s certainly not the old me.

My hair bouncing around my shoulders and my nails subtly shimmering, I feel lighter in body, mind, and spirit. As I step into the light of a hopefully brighter new year, I’m ready for whatever the future holds. And should I ever feel my shine start to fade, I know where to come.

For booking or more information, please Call 4416 3348.



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