SNØULL is nestled amongst the lush green gardens of Al Messila Resort & Spa, and can only be described as a clear representation of the Scandinavian philosophy of freedom and nature.

I t may just be for a few hours or if you are fortunate enough then several days, but, however long you spend at Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha, you will feel that you have become part of a fairytale existence. The resort is designed to transport you to your own Arabian palace complete with lush gardens and an expansive driveway. Even before you start dining, you will be intoxicated by the ambience and décor, I don’t like to use the word ‘magical’ lightly, but it truly is. The serene foliage absorbs you into a gastronomical haven for a truly hedonistic culinary experience.

Scandinavian cuisine is forging a reputation for pioneering brilliance. The food scene is progressive yet focuses upon quality and seasonality. Many chefs refuse to use ingredients which aren’t sourced or grown locally, and this is no exception at Snøull. The décor is sleek and sophisticated with injections of colour in the form of orange and ochre accents. Even the light fittings are deconstructed brilliantly to expose each lamp. The atmosphere is fresh and permissive.

When you visit Snøull you should prepare yourself for a dining experience that will play with your senses and push boundaries.

The attention-to-detail amidst the presentation and service, takes your experience and each dish to an elevated new level. The level of preparation and intricacy is masterful. Dehydrated Beets and Berries with Smoked Mussel emulsion looked so wholesome, clean and earthy presented atop a selection of smoothed shells. Classed as a snack which could accompany any of the signature juices and elixirs on offer, I can guarantee that this will be like no other snack you have ever sampled. Just as I had finished gushing, unashamedly about how simple yet complex the dish was, our starters arrived.

Again, we devoured the presentation before devouring the dish. The oysters are offered in three forms and we opted for the cucumber, parsley and horseradish. The dressing did not prevent the raw quality of the oyster from taking centre stage.

The Red Hamour accented by a dill emulsion, mussel bouillon and green apples is a combination I had never experienced before but I will make sure that I sample this delectable dish again. The dust and vibrant greens which accompanied it added such vitality.

My appetite was well and whet, and we were expectant as the main courses arrived. Quite the paradox but it is important to add that nothing here at Snøull can be anticipated or expected. The most tender Braised Beef Cheeks with grilled beetroot, salted yoghurt and walnuts were a symphony of texture and purity. Every mouthful was followed by a tirade of praise with appreciative groans as the meat fell apart. Equally the Chicken with slow roasted carrots and the Red Snapper with baked tomatoes were fresh and employed the best of local and home grown produce.

“Scandinavian cuisine is forging a reputation for pioneering brilliance. The food scene is progressive yet focuses upon quality and seasonality.”

As we progressed to dessert I wondered what they could possibly do to make a selection of cheese unique and bespoke to them. Naturally the shards of toasted rye bread and lavender honey were a taste of nature. The traditional Rødgrød dessert with grilled strawberries and burned white chocolate is the essence of Nordic tradition of making the archaic notion of healthy dishes being boring into something incredibly delicious!

Snøull is the brainchild of Michelinstarred chef Theis Brydegaard and we will forever be grateful that it is now amidst our shores. The dishes are complex yet not daunting and leave you feeling thrilled as they stretch familiarity and convention. The resort serves as the perfect vessel for this incredible eatery which will reconnect you with nature whilst tantalising your palate.

For reservations or more information please call 4445 0000 @almessilaresortdoha


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