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Anushay Khan booked herself a treat for World Sleep Day at Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, hoping to get her hands on the snooze button.

Sleepless nights and I have a special relationship that I have been trying to break for the last three years. As life went on, jobs changed and my family grew from two to three, I found myself looking for ways to escape the busy life and close my eyes for a rare second where no one calls my name.

A blessing in disguise, an email in my inbox made me do a little dance and I IMMEDIATELY picked up my phone to book myself and the family a night at Westin Doha Hotel & Spa who were celebrating World Sleep Day. A little research told me that this annual event called for a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues relating to sleeping, that included medicine, social aspect, education and even driving. Well, you had me hooked, Westin!

As I was welcomed by the reception, my daughter took the opportunity to pose with the World Sleep Day visual display, the cutest cutouts of clouds in the lobby, and we were set to find ourselves in a haven of relaxation. Our pastel and white toned room was a treat for sore, sleep deprived eyes, and a small gift bag awaited us. All the information in my room showcased the importance of meditation and why we should use this opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of sleeping for eight hours for an overhaul of wellbeing. Whether you are traveling through Doha or here because you needed a break from your normal routine, it is essential to get a night of full rest so you can combat the day ahead of you.

This World Sleep Day, Westin encouraged guests to enjoy their full 8 hours in their signature Heavenly® Bed so that patrons can rise to the challenge of taking eight hours to experience something new wherever they travel. The Heavenly Bed had found its ideal partner in me; a person who immediately kicked off her shoes and sank in the softness of this feathery mattress. I checked everything in my room and especially loved my lavender oil, half of which I emptied on myself, because it encourages the body to relax and ultimately slip into oblivion in this cozy room. The blackout curtains and the sound proof walls with their in-room healthy dining experience is just what a family needs to get recharged for the weekend. Even when the heart wanted a pizza and Netflix, a healthy bowl of goodness was a better mix than that. Everything about the room and the experience was in harmony with World Sleep Day – an annual holiday that I will now proactively take thanks to Westin!

The itineraries and activities offered by the hotel were customer based which encouraged a refreshing day after a good night’s sleep. Spa programs, F&B experiences and the resort amenities offer a carefully curated source of activities that would add to anyone’s knowledge – if it wasn’t already a well-known fact! Speeches by wellness coaches, spa suggestions to relax you further and the lavender balm at the check-in are all part of this unique theme.

“The Heavenly Bed had found its ideal partner in me; a person who immediately kicked off her shoes and sank in the softness of this feathery mattress.”


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