ANUSHAY KHAN checked off DEVARANA SPA from her ‘must-go’ list, and we are completely in awe of her indulgent experience.

From the moment I heard that Devarana Spa was making its grand entrance in the Qatar market at Dusit Doha Hotel, I knew that I had to get my name on that booking list. With work keeping me on my toes, I repeatedly had to edit my appointment slot. I however started 2020 in the most luxurious way that I could possibly imagine; The Devarana Speciality massage.

Devarana means ‘garden in heaven’, derived from the ThaiSanskrit and I cannot think of a name more aptly given to a venue such as this. The journey up to the 29th floor of Dusit Doha Hotel, that is located in the perfect setting of the glorious Westbay, showcased teasers of the delight of Devarana Spa. The distinct aroma of lemongrass filled the air as it washed over me as my muscles lightened up knowing that the following two hours were going to be total bliss..

With the beautiful marble tiled entrance, the dazzling lights, and the concept itself evoking the senses you cannot help but feel intrinsically special. The contemporary design of the spa gives an instant feel of the elite luxury that is consistent throughout the premise. Sipping on my tea, sitting next to the pool with the water flowing further added to the calmness of the room. The vitality area that hosted the steam and sauna rooms were a treat all on their own with its fabrications that further added to the decadence of this venue. My masseuse escorted me to my treatment room, a beautifully crafted, dimly lit room that displayed the high-end products used here. The room and its magical healing powers were all I needed to get myself in the mood for the amazing treatment that followed.

“Sitting in this rose petalled haven, overlooking the giant skyscrapers in one of the hottest cities in the world, it sometimes just makes you grateful for all the things that you have in life.”

Promising to soothe emotions and soften the skin, I simply felt like all of the Hollywood dreams of my life came true as I took in this lavishly phenomenal experience of immersing myself in a milk bath for the first time. Sitting in this rose petalled haven, overlooking the giant skyscrapers in one of the hottest cities in the world, it sometimes just makes you grateful for all the things that you have in life. Needless to say, my emotions weren’t just soothed, I was smitten over the entire experience that was on display. The milk bath was followed by exemplary service of my masseuse, who was very accomodating to my stress points. With the room temperature set to my comfort level and the mint leaves to relieve my ongoing battle with my sinuses, further showcases the attention-to-detail and health preparations that are derived from natural ingredients – a plus point at any stage in life!

The Devarana massage is a series of techniques from Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu with a combination of alternating strokes to achieve the much-needed muscle relaxation that I’d came for – and it didn’t disappoint. The kaffir lime and orange with a mix of mint leaves in a bowl of hot water for inhalation as requested were the precious addition that was needed to concrete this unparalleled experience. With every inch of my body given the utmost attention, I slipped into blissful oblivion of the time and my whereabouts – isn’t that what relaxation should always be all about?

The Devarana Spa lived up to its worldly known luxurious style and services. With Dusit Doha Hotel’s entry in the market over a year ago and Devarana Spa’s arrival that followed shortly, Thai hospitality has made its mark. Giving Qatar the ‘East meets West’ ancient therapies that add to the uniqueness of Devarana, if you want to achieve ultimate relaxation, this should be your go-to for comfort.

For reservations and more information, please call 4004 4194


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