The Right to Fashion: THE KYRA WAY

The love for unique handbags had our local editor ANUSHAY TAIMUR KHAN falling in love with the magnificent designs by KYRA showcased at Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition.

Why is your participation at this Edition of Heya Fashion Exhibition important and beneficial for the brand?
We are optimistic that KYRA handbags meet the demands of Qatari market, especially Heya Fashion Exhibition visitors. We believe that Qatari market, especially the women who live in Doha, are appreciative and value the creations of designer-level products. KYRA had been introduced in Doha before, but we acknowledge Heya Fashion Exhibition as one great opportunity to expand our existence in Qatar.

What is your strategy for introducing new designs?
KYRA’s designs are always based on creative research, in order to develop fresh varieties for fashion enthusiasts. Participating in exhibitions and fashion shows is also important to get in touch with buyers and customers, we love to hear what they want! We also do several collaborations with fashion influencers to deliver our “values” and messages, as to build customer’s trust.

Your upcoming collection is inspired by The Museum of Islamic Arts. What elements of this and your recent travel ventures will be dominating the collection?
The luxurious white exterior of Museum of Islamic Art was my starting point, followed by its beige and neutrals colour-blocking, which then translated into white calfskin and acrylic chain strap. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 collection is titled “Il Viaggio” mainly inspired by my travel experiences in Grindelwald, Switzerland in 2018; the fresh air, wooden houses, saturated green colour, the deep blue mountains and the beautiful red flowers – all packed in one colour harmony.

As you believe II Viaggio Collection to be a journey, tell us about your journey as a designer.
Since I was a little girl, I grew up loving art in any way. I loved to draw, paint and watch a lot of Disney cartoons. I spent my childhood making comics, doodling, and more. This led me to take 3D animation course as a college degree. My career started when I was just 18, after I met Rifky. He just took over his father’s business, exotic leather specialist since 1985. Rifky is a creative person as well, so we decided to collaborate and launch KYRA by the end of 2012.
It was not easy in the beginning; I was trying to find my character, my soul and the right role to run a well-established company. I kept on studying ever since; I took a fashion design course in 2014 where I finally did my first collection in 2015. In 2016 and 2017 KYRA participated in Jakarta Fashion Week (the biggest fashion event in Indonesia). In 2018 I made a big decision to continue my study program in handbag designing, in Milan, Italy. By this year in 2019 I finally feel that I found my character, I know where I’m going and the specialties that I have. It has been a long journey for me and KYRA, so I dedicate “Il Viaggio” collection, which means “journey” in Italian, for Heya Fashion Exhibition. I want my story to be that “Il Viaggio” is my true starting point in creating collection for the higher level in everything.

How has KYRA, for you, become iconic since your launch?
It is not all of the sudden that KYRA becomes an icon since our first start in 2012. It takes time, journey (and study!) to finally find the essence of presenting our vision. For me, KYRA always produces high value designs, detailed production, dynamic concept and story to tell in every collection. Each bag has its own unique character, and we spread the love in every product delivery. KYRA’s style is elegant, luxurious but fresh, sometimes a little bit quirky but KYRA is always pretty!

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