2021 High Jewelry Collection

A mirror reflecting two eras…

« A History of Style » are High Jewelry collections finding their inspiration in the archives of Maison Boucheron and reviving them through Claire Choisne’s creative eye. They offer timeless creations, as a signature style.

This year, creative director Claire Choisne delved into Maison Boucheron’s abundant Art deco archives. She extracted the spirit, the line, the radical simplicity of a time when the Parisienne asserted her femininity by wearing masculine clothes, plunging necklines, high-waisted pants, long necklaces and short hair. A time of extravagance, where style was all about attitude.

As a perfect echo to modern-day women and men, Claire Choisne has chosen to magnify the couture spirit and the antagonisms of the Roaring Twenties, focusing on feminine and masculine, the opulence of pure lines, the contrast of black and white enhanced by a touch of color. Boucheron’s jewelry making savoir-faire applied to Art Deco flapper necklaces and ribbon bracelets results in utterly contemporary multiwear pieces.

More than a high jewelry collection for women and for men, “A History of Style, Art Déco” is a declaration of freedom and style.

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