A New Brunch in Town

Authentic food and exciting flavours and textures are what AMS experienced at La Mar Doha by Gastón Acurio.

As we walked into the dining area at La Mar Doha by Gastón Acurio, the vibrancy of the Yunza Brunch immediately enveloped us. The space hummed with the energy of a live Latin band, their melodies weaving through the air like vibrant threads of sound. In the heart of the celebration stood a beautifully adorned tree, a tableau of colours and textures that captured the essence of the Peruvian La Yunza festival.

The spacious dining room was bathed in natural light. Modern fixtures hung from the ceiling, casting a soft, ambient glow over sleek, wooden surfaces and vibrant blue chairs that echoed the colours of the sea. After soaking in the atmosphere, our host for the day, Alvin, guided us to our window seat. The kitchen is orchestrated by Chef Frank. This hospitable welcome perfectly capped the delightful ambience of relaxed coastal Peru.

A Refreshing Introduction

The cold starters began our culinary voyage with a selection of ceviches – each distinct, balancing citrusy zest with the ocean’s bounty. The clásico tingled with its lime-infused marinade, while the limeño offered a creamier, sultrier take with its fish velvety against the sharp lime. The nikkei was a fusion masterpiece, its soy and ginger notes dancing gracefully with tender tuna, creating a sublime interplay of Peruvian and Japanese flavours.

The veggie maki rolls burst with freshness, a verdant crunch in every bite, contrasting the silken textures of the tiradito of the day, which melted on the tongue with its delicate, almost ethereal feel. Mini causa limeña, a comforting potato base adorned playfully with vibrant toppings like tangy lime and seafood, was a delightful nod to Peru’s roots, every mouthful a creamy, dreamy experience.

Delightful Hot Bites

Our hot starters soon floated through the dining area, served on a large wooden platter. The veggie empanada’s crispy exterior broke away to reveal a heartwarming mix of vegetables, the dough’s flakiness perfect against the soft, seasoned filling. The anticuchos, whether chicken or kingfish, were charred to perfection, their smoky aroma infusing the air, paired with dips that accentuated their robustness. The beef sliders were succulent, the meat’s juiciness enriched by a hint of smoke and a sweet, caramelised exterior.

A Lively Ambience

Around us, laughter mingled with the clink of glasses, the atmosphere charged with an infectious exuberance. A lively Latin family nearby added to the festive spirit, their animated conversations and joyous expressions embodying the sense of community. Guests could also stroll through the inviting outdoor area, where the gentle sea breeze and stunning waterfront views provided a refreshing pause between courses. This combination of delectable food, engaging company and breathtaking surroundings made for a unique experience.

Hearty Peruvian Classics

The main courses continued this celebration of all things Peruvian. The Seafood Cau Cau was a comforting stew, its turmeric-laced broth a warm embrace, enriched with bites of seafood, peas and carrots, each spoonful a burst of home-cooked goodness.

Pollo a la Brasa, marinated in Peruvian chilli sauces, was a showstopper. The chicken’s skin, crisped to a perfect golden, enclosed succulent flesh that pulled apart effortlessly, chimichurri on the side adding a herby, vinegary punch that cut through the richness wonderfully.

Chaufa Capon brought the streets of Lima to us. Its stir-fried rice, a hearty ensemble of umami flavours, the shiitake mushrooms and beef offering earthy counterpoints to the tangy pickled vegetables.

Sweet Peruvian Masterpieces

The desserts, served on a pedestal as a collection of miniatures, were a masterclass in Peruvian sweetness, each more delightful than the last. La Chocoteja, with its lush dulce de leche and pecan encased in rich chocolate, was a textural symphony, while Los Bombones offered a tart contrast with its raspberry cheesecake, the salted caramel and passion fruit adding layers of sophisticated flavour. Los Alforcitos were irresistible – small, tender biscuits filled with dulce de leche, their sweetness mellowed by the cookie’s light, crumbly texture. La Cocada was a tropical treat, a moist and dense concoction of coconut enriched with syrup, providing a chewy yet smooth mouthfeel that lingered delightfully on the palate. Lastly, the Chulpi Chocolate Cookie was a novel delight, combining rustic Peruvian cancha corn with dark chocolate for a crunchy, deeply satisfying finish.

The Yunza Brunch at La Mar Doha by Gastón Acurio is a journey through vibrant flavours and rich traditions. Each dish tells a story, inviting diners to savour the essence of a culinary celebration in every bite. This brunch is perfect for food enthusiasts, families and anyone looking to experience a unique and welcoming setting. We left with our hearts full and our palates delighted, eager to return for another taste of this festivity.

For more information, please call La Mar Doha by Gastón Acurio at
InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa on 4484 4919.

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