A Treat for the Senses

A luxurious escape awaits SD at M|SPA in Alwadi Hotel Doha – MGallery.

On the second floor of Alwadi Hotel Doha – MGallery is M|SPA, inspired by the heritage of Msheireb (where the hotel is located) and traditional therapies with modern techniques using Arabian-themed oils. As I walk through the entrance, there is an inviting serenity that pumps me up for a full hour of pampering.

I arrive at the reception, and I’m greeted by the Spa Manager, Laman, who then hands me a menu. The massage menu is very intriguing including options such as the Saffron Journey that features a detox saffron clay wrap combined with an Arabian massage oil blend and a Travelers Ease Massage, which is just what one needs to combat jetlag after a long-haul trip. There are many more treatments and each looks unique and interesting.

But today, we’re keeping it simple with a classic aromatherapy session for an hour. I quickly fill in the consultation sheet detailing the areas I’d like to focus on and the parts I’d prefer the masseuse to refrain from touching. I’m encouraged to choose the pressure level and I go with the light option.

I’m escorted by therapist Toli to my treatment room, passing by the sauna and steam room on the way. The treatment rooms have beautiful names, and we see Lily and Yasmine right in front. We enter Yasmine, where dim, low lights, soft music and scintillating earthy fragrances fill the air.

The therapist checks if I’m comfortable with the temperature. It is slightly warm, but that’s perfect for a relaxing massage. Spa music plays softly in the background and creates a serene space that sets the stage for some much-needed rejuvenation of my mind and body.

We start with a foot ritual. I only realise how tired my feet are when Toli starts kneading away from my heels to my toes, scrubbing them with a crystal sea salt and rinsing them with warm water filled with fresh rose petals. She then pats them dry and we move to the spa bed.

Toli allows me a few minutes to get into position, face down, then she returns and wraps me with a warm towel. She begins by applying medium pressure on my joints and a few muscles, avoiding areas such as my lower back. She then pours warm rose-oat oil and starts with gentle strokes, ensuring the oil is distributed well before she starts the treatment with long yet gentle movements. The scent has floral notes and relaxes all my senses as my therapist expertly discovers my pain points and areas of muscle tension. She applies a little more pressure with longer, repetitive strokes and I experience a tingling sensation that almost feels medicated, but in a very luxurious way.

We’re halfway through and I turn over for the second part of the treatment. The lights are still dim, but a striking arabesque design catches my eye. Right above me (high enough), the pattern covers a ceiling fixture from where a subtle green light is emitted. Toli starts with my feet and works her way up to my head, going in with a much-needed scalp massage. She switches over to an almond-coconut oil blend for my hair, generously spreading it across my scalp. The scent seamlessly blends with the wonderful fragrance of the rose-oat essential oils.

Following a concentrated effort to relax my head, she proceeds to work on my facial muscles. This also means the treatment is nearing its end. A few minutes later, I hear the dreaded words, “Your massage has finished”. I can’t complain, however, because I’m feeling completely re-energised at this point. Toli has done an excellent job and I’m utterly grateful.

I choose to skip the post-therapy shower. I’d very much like to let my skin absorb that remarkable rose-oat essential oil from Argansus – M|SPA uses the highest quality products that are all ethically sourced and reflect their approach to environmental sustainability.

I’m given the option to use the steam or sauna rooms or even the outdoor pool. The fitness centre seems tempting but probably not the best idea when I’ve been doused in oil.

I wind up with a hot jasmine tea instead, taking in the moment and reflecting on the incredible experience I’ve just had at M|SPA. This was the ultimate treat for all my senses.

For more information or to make a booking,
please call M|SPA at Alwadi Hotel Doha – MGallery on 4009 9700
or email alwadihotel@accor.com

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