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Ali Bin Ali has long been a sought-after destination in Qatar for beautiful jewellery and watches. Their brand portfolio is vast, and the Italian label Repossi, part of the LVMH group, is found there. OHLALA had the opportunity to talk to the brand’s CEO, Anne de Vergeron, about her role and Repossi’s heritage.

OHLALA – Before joining LVMH, you worked in the banking sector. Now, you have been in the luxury market for more than seven years, but how did this transition happen?
Anne de Vergeron – Yes, I was in the banking sector for 16 years. Banking is a great school to learn and experience the structure and rigour that the luxury sector requires. I was already specialised in retail and luxury, so I was very familiar with this universe. My first role at LVMH was business development: I looked for brands that LVMH could buy, and I was the one seeking Repossi. I really believe in the brand, and I made LVMH buy it. I am a board administrator for all brands I buy, but the relationship with Repossi is different: it was the first brand I ever bought throughout LVMH; it was love at first sight! So it was quite natural that after a few years, I would become the CEO.

OHLALA – As Repossi’s CEO, what kind of message do you want consumers to get from the brand?
Anne –
Repossi is a 65-year-old maison, from the Place Vendôme with a strong savoir-faire in high jewellery and huge heritage. Gaia Repossi, the Creative Director and granddaughter of the founder, succeeds in giving an extremely modern and timeless vision to the jewellery. I think it’s one of the only brands from the Place Vendôme that connects well the tradition, heritage, modernity and avant-gardism. I don’t come from the jewellery industry, but I bring a fresh eye.

OHLALA– Talking about Gaia Repossi, what is your relationship with her? Having two strong forces rowing in the same direction might make the journey even more successful.
Anne –
I have a massive admiration for Gaia and her creative universe. She has been capable, for 15 years, of questioning the jewellery codes and pushing the boundaries of this extremely codified sector, always keeping the French and Italian savoir-faire (Place Vendôme standard). We have a very complementary relationship. From our different universes, we bring to each other our vision and point of view through constant dialogue. When you are a CEO, you look for things your customers want, and as a Creative Director, she wants diamonds that float perfectly. I have to say that dialogue is the key to our relationship.

OHLALA – How do you see the label moving forward globally? How important is it to keep the brand’s Italian roots when embracing global expectations?
Anne –
Repossi is in Europe, the US, MEA and Japan but still with a limited presence. We want to reinforce this presence with our Italian heritage (we have worked with the same ateliers for over 40 years) as the core of everything we do, which is one of my first preoccupations.

OHLALA – What do you believe makes Middle East consumers relate to Repossi so easily? Is it its impeccable craftsmanship or the fact that the brand can adapt easily to its markets?
Anne –
I think the Repossi power of attraction is international, with no boundaries. Repossi is a traditional brand in terms of craftsmanship, stones and its Place Vendôme essence. It has a strong family heritage which is, I am sure, an important value for the clientele in this region. Still, the brand is also very modern and pure, making Repossi’s expression relevant to the Middle Eastern women.

OHLALA – Ali Bin Ali is one of the biggest names linked to high-end jewellery and watches in Doha. How do you see this partnership and how important is it to have such a professional and prestigious name behind Repossi in Qatar?
Anne – We have a very long relationship with Ali Bin Ali because Gaia’s father, Alberto Repossi, had already built a solid partnership with them, which is extremely important to us. They saw the brand growing and evolving, so we do cherish this trustful relationship very much.

OHLALA – How do you see this partnership with Ali Bin Ali growing and becoming stronger? What can Qataris expect for the future?
Anne –
We have a very interesting partnership that makes our relationship even more solid. They give us feedback on what the Middle Eastern clientele want because they have a deep knowledge of the customers here and know exactly what they are looking for. So it has been a good inspiration, and we have a constructive dialogue with them regarding the products needed and required. Repossi wants to extend its presence in the Middle East and we are working very hard to have a more substantial presence in Qatar specifically.

OHLALA – If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking for jewellery to represent their personality, something they could always wear, no matter the occasion, what would it be?
Anne –
I think the solitaire is the perfect piece for a woman. The solitaire at Repossi in the Serti Sur Vide Collection is the quintessence of modernity. A unique representation of the diamond.


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