Breakfast of Champions

In a belly-expanding experience, Craig Ferriman takes to lordly portions at SANTA MONICA BREAKFAST CLUB…

I’m often told how difficult it is to come up with the ever-evolving dining scene in Doha with new restaurants opening up all the time and existing ones rebranding under a different guise. The Santa Monica Breakfast Club falls into the latter category. I remember dancing to R&B hits only a couple of years ago when the space used to be the A1 night club but it has morphed into a couple of things since and in its current manifestation, the Grand Hyatt proudly welcome you to their new all-day dining venue. It is a large space decorated in Californian design with campervans and trailers painted on the walls along with other emblems of the golden state. From the moment you walk in, you know straight away it is the right side of casual. It is the perfect place to spend a chilled evening in the company of friends comforted in the knowledge that the food does the talking for itself.

The restaurant is laid out in a vast space with a quadrangle bar in the middle where the salads are prepared and breakfast items like eggs, pancakes, waffles and crepes get made. At the back end of the restaurant behind glass, are the grills where the work of the burger making gets done. And though they do everything well, their burgers are the thing you remember most. They can really cook a good burger. Some places bamboozle you with their never-ending options on the menu but here, quality trumps quantity. Their number one burger is called Prime Time featuring gruyere, roast onions, scallions, hash browns, one fried free-range egg and brioche. Another burger they o er is the Black Angus Benedict which is similar to prime time but has cheddar instead with avocado and tarragon hollandaise with the poached free-range egg!

It is a dining venue as synonymous for its eggs as it is for its burgers. Their egg plates work as well for lunch or dinner as they do at breakfast time itself. The crab deluxe is a total hit comprising salt- water crab, green asparagus, honey-roasted ham, sweet pepper chives and sriracha hollandaise on two poached eggs. The other memorable dish is unsurprisingly the classic salmon which is again two poached eggs mounted by Smoked Scottish salmon, sauté baby spinach, crushed avocado, hollandaise, caper dressing and scallion hash brown.

Their milkshakes are out of this world. My vanilla, almond and cinnamon milkshake had half a doughnut sat on top of it. Cookie Heaven is a dessert to only eat as a special treat as it comes as a very large chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream and caramel toasted almonds. If you’re up for a real calorific intake, there is the dessert that literally invites you to ‘Go For It’. It’s like a giant chocolate sundae – vanilla ice cream, caramel and candied walnuts with hot fudge as you dig your spoon deeper into a long, tall glass.

Decently priced, good service and a warm and friendly atmosphere with a strong menu where you can trust that every dish is of a high standard. Go for it!

For more information or reservations call: 4448 1240

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