Cartier recognises beauty, wherever it may be. The Beautés Du Monde collection illustrates the brand’s ability to admire and enhance original beauty through impeccable design.

Beautés Du Monde is part of Cartier’s High Jewellery Collection, and the interplay of stones amplifies the elements of nature and different cultures from which it is inspired. It captures beauty by looking at it through a spectrum of colours, shapes and evocative materials. The intricate work and the unique design of these spectacular elements reflected in these pieces are traces of this luxurious brand. We present a selection of stunning necklaces found in the collection.


The Apatura necklace was born after close examination of butterfly wings. To recreate the iridescent effect, opal with its rainbow nuances, was the chosen material to convey the wings’ vivacity and brilliance. Three Australian opals weighing 22.08 carats are framed by geometrical motifs composed of diamond bars and blue sapphire beads whose colour echoes the opal’s fire. Crafted in Cartier’s tradition of transformable jewellery, this necklace doubles its stylistic effects. It can be worn with or without its pendant, which can also be detached and worn as a brooch.

The green iguana inspired the maison’s design studio to create this set. A necklace abundant with diamonds and Colombian emeralds, weighing 43.45 carats, creates the lizard’s skin texture and dimension. Everything is based on the suppleness and subtle sinuosity of the setting, which evokes the shifts and motion of the animal’s skin. Emblematic of Cartier’s expertise and style, the four-sided cut is shaped to be reminiscent of the animal’s dorsal spines.

This piece portrays a powerful and hypnotic snake that is even more beautiful, featuring incredible flexibility in this new interpretation. An expression of Cartier style, this snake mixes important references to the maison, an encounter of realism, stylisation and abstraction. Five spectacular 43.49-carat Ceylon sapphire cabochons punctuate the body of the necklace with an intense blue.

Cartier pays tribute to traditional Mesoamerican jewellery with the Rituel set. Composed of a double row of azure chalcedony beads, the necklace unfolds to showcase an iridescent constellation of rubies. The piece relies on the effects of symmetry and parallelism, which gives rhythm to the composition. The contrast is strong and bold, mixing pink and blue, two soft and joyful colours whose contours Cartier surrounds with the intense black of onyx.

The marine ecosystem served as the inspiration to create this necklace that celebrates the beauty of coral reefs. Cartier plays with contrast when combining the orange of the coral and the green of the emerald – a collection of beads placed along a diamond atoll. This luscious composition of stones cut into ribbed beads and studded with emerald or amethyst cabochons is unmistakably the maison’s style. Cartier’s expertise is outstanding – the placement of the elements does not impede the wearer’s comfort. It is all about proportion and balance.

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