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Just in time for summer, we’ve got themed cruises waiting to set sail!

Step aboard and let your wanderlust guide you on a journey like no other. Picture yourself sailing across the azure seas, surrounded by the anticipation of themed adventures waiting to unfold. Themed cruises aren’t just about travel; they’re about immersing yourself in your passions, indulging in your hobbies and discovering new interests, all while traversing stunning destinations around the globe. Whether you’re drawn to the rhythms of live music echoing over the waves or crave the serenity of wellness practices against breathtaking backdrops, these promise an experience tailored to your desires. It’s not just a vacation; it’s a curated adventure that speaks to your soul.


For those who adore the magic of Disney, a themed cruise with Disney Cruise Line offers an enchanting experience. Renowned for stunning ships, diverse dining options and exclusive activities that bring beloved characters to life, these trips are perfect for fans of all ages. Onboard, you’ll discover abundant entertainment, including Broadway-style shows and theatre performances. Adults can enjoy fine dining, beverage outlets and lounges while children are entertained by their own fun-filled activities. With friendly crew members, luxurious accommodations and exciting itineraries spanning France, Spain, Greece and Italy, every moment on a Disney cruise is truly magical. Whether you’re sailing for three nights or embarking on a longer voyage of 17 nights, create a lifetime of memories with family on this unforgettable adventure.


Imagine immersing yourself in the energetic spirit of Europe’s most celebrated song contest while sailing across the glistening seas. Royal Caribbean’s Eurovision-themed sailings offer just that for enthusiasts of this iconic event. This extraordinary voyage is packed with a plethora of activities such as a sail away party, dance classes, trivia, karaoke and a ‘Best of Europe’ food experience. The highlight of this joy ride is the Grand Finale party, where passengers can watch the live four-hour final while enjoying mixed beverages, entertainment and team games. These cruises, ranging from two to 12 nights, visit stunning destinations such as Barcelona, Mykonos and Naples, blending cultural exploration with the festivities. Each stop offers an opportunity to explore beautiful sites, adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure to your journey.


For enthusiasts of fine dining and culinary exploration, a food-focused cruise promises an exquisite journey through the world’s most tempting flavours and gastronomic traditions. These voyages invite you to dive into diverse culinary landscapes, offering a sensory odyssey through global cuisine and epicurean delights. Expert guides reveal the secrets of cooking, from the spices of Latin America to the aromas of the Caribbean and the mouth-watering delights of the Mediterranean. Renowned luxury cruise lines such as Silversea, Crystal, Regent and Fred Olsen meticulously curate these epicurean adventures, mapping out a course to captivating destinations across the globe. Whether navigating the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean or exploring northern Europe’s picturesque landscapes, each port of call promises a celebration of life’s pleasures in style. Amidst ocean vistas, these voyages are a feast for both the eyes and the palate.


For those seeking the ultimate holiday of renewal and self-care, look no further than a well-being cruise. Crafted to restore your inner balance and leave you feeling refreshed, these voyages offer a sanctuary for relaxation and personal wellness. Led by certified instructors, activities such as yoga, pilates, tai chi and invigorating exercise classes provide opportunities to nurture your body and mind. Meanwhile, the onboard spa beckons with indulgent massages and beauty treatments, ensuring you radiate vitality inside and out. Complementing the focus on physical wellness are nutritional workshops and wholesome dining options guided by expert nutritionists who advocate for balanced diets. Mindfulness and meditation sessions foster a holistic approach to mental health, empowering you to cultivate inner peace. Excursions at ports of call enhance the experience, with opportunities for beachside yoga, invigorating hikes and visits to therapeutic thermal springs. Journeying to serene destinations such as the Norwegian Fjords, Southern Italy and the idyllic shores of Greece, you’ll be immersed in breathtaking natural beauty that inspires profound relaxation and rejuvenation.


Hobby cruises have carved a creative niche in the world of travel, offering hobbyists a unique way to combine their passions with exploration. Whether your interest lies in photography, painting, cooking or even bird watching, there’s a sailing tailored just for you. Imagine capturing stunning landscapes through your lens on a photography cruise or mastering new culinary skills under the guidance of renowned chefs on a cooking-themed voyage. These cruises not only provide expert-led workshops and classes but also offer the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. One of the most appealing aspects is the chance to immerse yourself in your chosen recreation against the backdrop of breathtaking destinations. Picture yourself painting a picturesque coastal village in the Mediterranean or bird watching in the lush rainforests of Central America. A perfect blend of relaxation, education and adventure, these are an ideal choice for travellers looking to indulge in their hobbies while exploring the world in a unique and meaningful way.


In addition to these themed cruises, Resorts World Cruises is launching a halal-friendly cruise with a Doha stopover catering to Muslim travellers. Running from October 18, 2024 to April 13, 2025, this cruise offers itineraries between Dubai and Doha, Sir Bani Yas, Khasab, and Muscat. The Resorts World One will make 75 calls in the region, expecting to attract 150,000 passengers. This cruise is officially certified as halal-friendly, with all meats sourced from UAE halal suppliers and no pork served onboard. The crew can be scheduled by gender for services like the spa, ensuring comfort and convenience for all guests. Vegetarian and Jain cuisine is also available, catering to diverse dietary preferences. This is an excellent opportunity for travellers seeking a culturally and religiously accommodating travel experience.

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