Cult Favourite Gets New Revival

French master perfumer Daphne Bugey’s Loubidoo Rose, created for fashion designer Christian Louboutin’s Loubiworld fragrance collection, is an olfactory delight.

The Loubidoo Rose is a precious, limited edition revival of Loubidoo, the undisputed star of the Loubiworld fragrance collection, and comes with a colourful twist.

The fragrance is contained in an opaque bottle that has been lacquered a soft shade of pink and crowned by a familiar furry friend. Think pink and be among the privileged few to enjoy this exclusive edition of a cult-favourite fragrance.

The ode was inspired by a three-dimensional expression of a rose, then brought to life via the expert extractions of a Centifolia Rose Pays Absolute, a Centifolia Rose Infusion sourced from the region of Grasse and an Otto Rose Essence.

This intoxicating trio of roses bursts forth from the fragrance’s head note and gives way to a cedar heart and musk base notes, drawing out the flower’s true character to reveal all the sensual secrets between its petals.

The perfume is exclusively available for purchase online on the Christian Louboutin website and at the Gold Apple store in Doha Festival City.

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