Enriched Identity

Bil Arabi creations marry the timeless elegance of Arabic heritage with contemporary design insights.

Bil Arabi is a jewellery brand from the Middle East rooted in calligraphic artistry. Established in 2006, it fuses introspective messages and profound meanings in intricate designs showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, reimagining the Arabic alphabet shapes and cultural symbols. The pieces offer a contemporary visual language that embodies self-expression and modern Arab identity.

Ya Ein

This collection stands as a testament to Bil Arabi’s rich legacy of creativity and cultural resonance. The iconic evil eye symbol, reinterpreted and hand-drawn by Nadine Kanso, the brand’s designer, has been a signature in their story. The hand of Fatima and Alkaff designs are also featured in this collection, showcasing innovation and storytelling.

Filled with significance and artistic interest, Ya Ein is presented in a spectrum of summer colours that shed a deeper light on the collection’s narrative. It features a stunning array of diamonds, emeralds, pearls and turquoise stones meticulously set on a base of gleaming gold. Each piece exudes a unique aura, with the shades of the gems reflecting the vibrancy of the region’s cultural tapestry.


With this collection, Bil Arabi redefines the nature of love – essential for humanity’s harmony and peace. It serves as an ode to this feeling, awakening its pure meaning with timeless pieces that effortlessly capture the emotion’s essence.

Highlighted pieces from the Hobb collection include the gold baguette diamond pendants, the iconic Love ring, gold bangles adorned with diamonds and the exquisite Love hoop earrings. These creations embody the brand’s commitment to translating love into tangible, wearable expressions of elegance.


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