With the event season picking up, our local editor ANUSHAY TAIMUR KHAN rushed to BLOW DRY BAR at ROYAL PLAZA to get a quick makeover for her day-long events.

You know how they say that you can find your soulmate at any point in life? Well, at 29, I finally met Leah, my beauty soul mate who made my dreams come true. Before I start to talk about my perfect date at the Blow Dry Bar with Leah, let me give you a bit of background about this salon. Well, all your prayers have been answered because there is a bad-boy in town who knows that you don’t necessarily have hours to spend with them. I rushed to my appointment at exactly 4 PM and came out glammed up by 6 PM. When I say glammed up, I mean I got a hair treatment, a blow-dry, a head and shoulder massage and the final touch; makeup that lasted me the entire day.

I walked in the Blow Dry Bar on a busy Thursday afternoon and saw that not only was it packed, not a single client was in the waiting line. 2-3 technicians worked on every individual and the place was running smoothly as everyone took turns at the nail and hair station.

Once Leah and I settled on the treatment for my frizzy hair, she took me to the facial room, so that her peers could take the space and work on their clients. I discussed with her that I wanted to amplify the colour of my skin and not go a shade lighter to which she just agreed. We discussed the colour of my dress, the type of look I was hoping for and I closed my eyes, giving Leah all the trust I had in me that day. 45 minutes later, I looked at a doe-eyed

Anushay with the same skin colour that I love, contoured cheeks, and enhanced pink and brown shaded eyes. If I could talk about how Leah achieved perfection with my eyeliner, I would be talking about it for days. It was absolute perfection, I looked like myself and I have never said this before but here it goes; I felt beautiful.

She rushed me to the hair station, and we started discussing my hair problems. I told her I had a couple of events to go to and I wanted volume which didn’t make me look like I walked right out the 80’s but didn’t give me flat hair either. I’m sure you guessed it by now but I am very particular about my hair and not everything pleases me. 25 minutes later, I gushed like a teenager going on her first prom because oh-my-gosh! The bounce, the layers and the entire look made me feel like a Queen who could conquer the world.

Within 2 hours, I was ready for the dinner, the meeting and the fashion clients I was meeting that day all because I happened to meet my beauty soulmate!

The Blow Dry Bar is the pitstop for your express beauty needs – something we all have on the busiest and the bad hair days. The makeup, the hair and the feeling of walking around confidently because the glam is just right is unmatched for me.

For more information, please call +974 4416 3348


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