Redefining Your Journey

This iconic Italian car manufacturer surprises us with another incredible creation, the Ferrari 296 GTS – bringing a completely new experience to the everyday act of driving.

Ferrari cars cause a head-turning effect wherever they go and the brand’s unique specifications make the vehicles stand out even among the most high-end automobiles.

In terms of engine, the 296 GTS uses the new 654hp 120° V6, coupled with an electric motor capable of delivering a further 122kW (165hp), which debuted on the 296 GTB – making the 296 GTS the first six-cylinder engine installed on a road-going spider, sporting the Prancing Horse badge. This unleashes its class-leading 818hp total power output to deliver previously unthinkable performance levels and an innovative, exhilarating and unique soundtrack.

FThe 296 GTS is the first Ferrari road-going spider to sport a V6 turbo with a vee angle of 120° between the cylinder banks (offering more space between them, reducing the unit’s overall size and the distance the air has to cover to arrive in the combustion chamber), coupled with a plug-in electric motor. Presented for the first time in 2021 on the 296 GTB, the V6 has its turbos installed inside the vee. Aside from bringing significant advantages in terms of packaging, lowering the centre of gravity and reducing engine mass, this particular architecture helps deliver high levels of power.

The car’s name combines its total displacement (2992l) and the number of cylinders with the GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) acronym in the finest Ferrari tradition to underscore this new engine’s epoch-changing importance to the brand. It is not simply the living beating heart of the 296 GTS but also ushers in a new V6 era that has its roots deep in Ferrari’s unrivalled 75-year history.

The 296 GTS’ PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) system guarantees it is an incredibly usable car having cut pedal response times to zero and delivering a 25km range in all-electric eDrive mode. The hybrid element not only makes the vehicle versatile in terms of day-to-day driving but also improves the driving experience by providing instant and consistent response at all engine speeds.

The 296 GTS bursts into the mid-engined Berlinetta sports car range with several radical and innovative solutions. Its compact dimensions and the introduction of innovative, dynamic control systems and meticulously honed aero, ensure that the driver is instantly impressed by its astonishing agility and responsiveness to commands. Its sporty, curved design and highly compact dimensions also visually underscore its unique and modern forms – the perfect marriage of technology and aesthetics that is the signature of all Ferraris.

The RHT (Retractable Hard Top) assures exceptional comfort. When the top is retracted, the cabin and the rear deck are separated by a height-adjustable glass rear screen, ensuring optimal passenger comfort even at high speeds. With the roof stowed, it features a sleek, sporty design and with the top up, the silhouette remains very similar to that of the 296 GTB. The lightweight RHT takes a mere 14 seconds to retract or deploy at speeds up to 45km/h.

For clients who want to exploit the car’s extreme power and performance to the utmost, particularly on the track, the 296 GTS is also available with the Assetto Fiorano package, which includes lightweight features and aero modifications.

What’s no surprise at all is that Ferrari is the brand behind this innovative car concept without losing sight of what matters most – the thrill of driving a Ferrari.


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