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Emille Loyola-Artigas discovers how La Casa Twenty Eight turns luxurious Mediterranean dishes into masterpieces of art.

Nestled right in the heart of the Pearl’s Medina Central lies the enchanting Mediterranean restaurant La Casa Twenty Eight, presenting a spangled, awe-inspiring view that stands out even from afar. The brightly-lit outdoor dining space is tastefully appointed with bespoke hues that charmingly blend with the other details. The flooring lets you sneak a preview of the inside, which instantly transports you to the ancient Mediterranean era.

It was the end of the week, a divine Thursday evening. My family has a penchant for discovering culinary adventure, and we had a distinct craving this evening. Since the weather is still absolutely gorgeous for this time of year, before the summer sets in, we took a pleasurable walk around the Pearl, where the breeze beckons, on our way to an amazing dinner experience. As we headed towards La Casa Twenty Eight, we were drawn to the sight, the place was lively, and noticeably one of the most popular venues in the area. Beautifully carved wooden tables beneath vibrant palm trees complement the views of the Pearl, the stunning fountain, and the promenade in the near distance.

To say that the indoor area is more than meets the eye is an understatement. The venue is fit for a luxurious treat, yet unassumingly sparkling. The arched door and high ceiling make for a grand entrance and with the renowned detailed roof décor and intricate fixtures, we can imagine that this will be an experience to remember.

The inside area is large and spacious, with some private rooms, and has several distinct sections. We were seated at an elegantly set round table, and the stage was set, let the show begin. It did not take long for the food to arrive, and after some palate-teaser freshly made breads, the first performance piece to arrive was Calamari Fritti. This classic dish was excellently fried maintaining the crunchy crust and the softness of the inside, flavoured with lime zest and dipped into a heavenly tartar sauce; my palate was begging for more.

The next act, masterfully prepared and served to our table with grace, was the Rock Shrimps Tempura, blending the classic with an authentic edge, the flavour drenched in creamy, spicy sauce is a splendid surprise. We chose a classic homemade smoked pepperoni pizza for the kids, but even that was an art revelation. The homemade spicy pepperoni lushly served; the richness of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce left an orchestra of familiar yet memorable flavours, such that we couldn’t help but get another slice.

And then, time for the main acts. Served on a wooden tray and hot pot straight from the pan was a Paella Valenciana, an orchestra of flavours. The tasteful chorizo, beef so tender, lamb confit and chicken, all dusted with paprika and lamb jus to complement the rice that was already bursting with a zest and aroma of its own. The Whole Smoked Baby Chicken was also a delightful surprise, dramatically served beneath a clear lid with smoke swirling, then uncovered, chopped and plated for us. We were enthralled with the theatrics of the presentation, and the taste was equally remarkable.

For the finale, served chilled, playfully and artfully, the ring of Tiramisu was a satisfying sight. As we dug our spoons into the delicate mascarpone cream and coffee-bathed biscuits, our mouths frolicked on the silky soft feel and creamy velvety taste.

Since Doha is known to have a copious culinary collection, it is hard to find a restaurant that not only has its own unique character and a palatable experience that does not disappoint, but also upholds its standards and traditions. La Casa Twenty Eight’s charm lies in its attention to detail, from the most intricate piece to the fact that each savoury dish was prepared and served like a performance. The gastronomic acts may have ended for now, but we will definitely be back for more.

For more information, please call La Casa Twenty Eight on 4415 3333.

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