From Stress to Serenity

A pampering spa day is best enjoyed with some company, and AMS headed to eforea Spa with a friend for a rejuvenating experience.

Eforea Spa at Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas has an undeniable wow factor. The reception area is a grand showcase of elegance, featuring stunning archways and intricate décor that immediately evoke a sense of luxury and tranquillity. The space is beautifully illuminated with soft, ambient lighting, enhancing the serene atmosphere. The salon area is equally inviting, designed to be both modern and soothing.

After being taken to the clean and well-appointed changing area, my friend and I were led to a relaxation area. The space boasts four comfortable chairs, each offering a breathtaking view of the beach. Soon after, we were welcomed with a refreshing lemon, honey and green tea drink, accompanied by a towel soaked in Oriental essential oils.


As we browsed the menu of services, we discovered a range of treatments that blend ancient traditions with modern techniques to renew the mind, body and spirit. These included a Hydrafacial, designed to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin, and the Rebalance Impulse (a non-invasive mental wellness and neuro-relaxation machine), which uses neuroscience to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and boost the immune system. The spa also features a traditional Hammam for cleansing and healing, as well as thermal facilities, including a sauna and steam room, and a fullservice salon. Four treatment rooms contain Himalayan salt walls, adding a unique and health-promoting touch to the ambience.

I was there with a friend, and I was the first to be led in for my treatment. Annette from Uganda greeted me warmly and handed me a consultation card. I had the choice of three oils for my treatments: calming, chamomile or oud. All the products used are 99% organic and from Sothys, a renowned French brand.


My session began with a luxurious foot scrub using a royal jelly scrub with honey and sea salt, which left my feet feeling soft and revitalised. The first treatment was the Balinese massage, a traditional technique that reawakens the senses and induces a state of calm. This massage combines acupressure and skin rolling with firm but smooth strokes, effectively relieving tension and promoting relaxation. The skilled therapist used firm yet gentle pressure, making sure to ask if I was comfortable with it.


Following the massage, I experienced the Salt and Oil Scrub, a 30-minute treatment that was nothing short of exceptional. This body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils, leaving the skin nourished, smooth and supple. The scrub not only softened my skin but also invigorated my senses, thanks to the aromatic blend of oils used. The therapist ensured every part of my body received attention, resulting in a thorough and deeply satisfying exfoliation.

Overall, the treatments left me feeling completely rejuvenated and pampered. The expert techniques and high-quality products worked in harmony to melt away stress and revitalise my skin, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and invigoration. The experience was a true escape, leaving me with a renewed sense of well-being and a glowing, refreshed complexion.


The journey for my friend began with a much-needed Aroma Well-being Massage, expertly crafted to release tension and soothe stressed muscles. She chose her preferred oil while her feet bathed in warm water, getting to know the therapist. Once she was lying comfortably, the therapist’s skilled hands worked their magic, and her knots melted away. She was asked if she needed less or more pressure, which was appreciated. She described each stroke as a symphony of relaxation, easing her into a state of blissful tranquillity.


The indulgence didn’t end there. After the massage, she was treated to a luxurious Sothys Personalised Facial tailored to her specific skincare needs. Sothys products are renowned for their exquisite formulations and transformative effects. The aesthetician assessed her skin with precision and there was a sense of anticipation for the personalised treatment that would follow. From cleansing to moisturising, each step of the facial was infused with nourishing goodness. Her skin drank in the revitalising ingredients with each application, leaving it radiant and refreshed. The experience was a journey of self-care and rejuvenation. As she emerged from the tranquil oasis of the spa, she had a healthy, glowing complexion and a deep sense of peace.

Both of our experiences at eforea Spa were nothing short of extraordinary. The combination of serene surroundings, expert therapists and high-quality products provided a perfect escape from the stresses of daily life. From the luxurious foot scrub and Balinese massage to the Aroma Wellbeing Massage and personalised facial, every detail was meticulously designed to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation. We left the spa feeling like new versions of ourselves, refreshed, revitalised and ready to embrace the world with renewed energy and tranquillity.

For more information or to make a booking,
please call eforea Spa at Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas on 4423 6666.

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