A Legacy Of GEMS

The Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2023 happened recently and OHLALA had the opportunity to talk to many interesting names in the field. Laura Peach,Garrard’s Global Sales Director, is one of them and we spoke to her about the brand’s values and collections.

OHLALA – Which ranges did Garrard showcase at DJWE 2023?
Laura Peach –
We always showcase all of our iconic collections, but we have three in particular that we are promoting this year. Couture is our new range of high jewellery. It’s different from our regular high jewellery, which is more classic in style with a strong focus on classic stones such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. It’s more design-led, more colourful and bold – it was launched in 2022. We also have Fanfare, which features faceted gemstones and ornamental hard stones. It has a fan motif inspired by Garrard’s earliest years. What we’ve done this year is introduce new designs to the existing Fanfare collection. We have our four-diamond mini pieces, which are perfect for gifting, pendants, earrings and bracelets in three gold colours. We have some lovely long necklaces. And we have more bracelets. The third is Wings – Garrard’s signature collection globally – which represents peace, purity and protection. We will be celebrating 20 years of Wings this year.

OHLALA – If you could choose three words to encapsulate Garrard’s style, what would they be?
Laura Peach –
I think you’d have to start with heritage. We are the longest-serving jewellery brand in the world. Born in 1735, so nearly 300 years old. With that heritage comes experience and a certain level of quality like no other. We like to carry our history throughout our jewellery today. We’ve served the British royal family for every single monarch since our existence and other royal families around the world as well. The second is craftsmanship. We work with master artisans and an incredible design team – a fully female design team. It’s jewellery designed by women for women. They understand how things fit, how things should sit and how comfortable things need to be. I think you get a different level of elegance in the design. The third would have to be quality. We take a lot of care and attention in selecting our stones, especially with high jewellery, where pieces are unique. We want to make sure that we’re showcasing items that you can’t see anywhere else.

OHLALA – Garrard is ‘sustainable to the core’. Can you explain this concept?
Laura Peach –
It’s really important to us to be sustainable and it’s growing in importance. It’s a tricky industry to be in for sustainability. But we’re creating items that stand the test of time. When you own a piece of Garrard, it’s forever. In that respect, it is sustainable. In 2017, we were awarded the Butterfly Mark, which is a mark that accredits sustainable brands, and you have to earn that every year. Our sustainability manager looks at all areas of our business because there’s always room for improvement. We want to make sure that we’re as sustainable as we possibly can be and more so every year.

OHLALA – What is your favourite piece of Garrard jewellery?
Laura Peach –
It’s difficult to choose only one because it constantly changes. As a gemstone lover, I would say pieces that contain unique stones are closest to my heart. We have a really spectacular suite called the Sunset Suite that contains tourmalines that are half-pink and half-black. That’s my favourite item … at the moment. If you ask me next week, I might have a new one!

OHLALA – What’s the ethos behind Garrard’s slogan: YOU RULE?
Laura Peach –
The YOU RULE campaign accompanies the Couture high jewellery release. It’s about empowerment and boldness. We’ve all been through a tricky time and I think everyone’s feeling renewed with positive energy. YOU RULE is about being the best version of yourself and, as a woman, showing that you rule the room, the party and the red carpet.

OHLALA – What makes Garrard the perfect choice for jewellery lovers in Qatar?
Laura Peach –
There are a lot of jewellery lovers in Qatar, which is nice because they really appreciate what we have to offer. They know what they’re looking for in terms of quality and design. The Qatari ladies, their love of jewellery, their understanding of jewellery and their interest in jewellery is what connects us to them. Their royal family is also important to them as royal families are important to Garrard. I think that this royal connection is something we share. I think they associate that with us and that resonates really nicely.

For more information on Garrard collections,
please call Ali Bin Ali Watches & Jewellery at Doha Festival City 4444 0399;
Galeries Lafayette 4447 3542 and
Mall of Qatar 4444 0288.

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