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This month, exciting new lines and collaborations are at the centre of our fashion and beauty round-up.

Exclusive Edition

Cartier has launched an exclusive pen and cufflinks in Qatar. The special pieces pay tribute to the colours present in the country’s flag – burgundy and white. The Santos-Dumont de Cartier ballpoint pen is an icon in the brand’s collection. In this limited edition, the pen comes in brushed metal, burgundy lacquer and palladium-finish detailing. The Santos de Cartier cufflinks limited edition comes in sterling silver, palladium-finish detailing and burgundy lacquer. The ever-changing motif on the set flaunts the zigzag in the Qatari flag design. The burgundy lacquer is highlighted by white quartz cabochon, a stone with a calming and energising virtue. The pen and cufflinks set showcases inlaid lacquer to enable cross-selling and a palladium finish that enables long-lasting brightness over time. Strong Santos codes, such as the screw in the centre of the cufflinks and the nut on the pen cap ring, are featured in this exclusive line.

Gorgeous Gems

A new jewellery line named Al Tawash Ready-to-Wear has been launched in Qatar. The line features natural pearls in stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that fit any occasion and cater to a younger clientele. Al Tawash is the historic term given to pearl merchants. The jewellery line integrates pearls collected over decades with precious stones, such as diamonds, into timeless, elegant and contemporary pieces. Each item preserves the heritage and cultural significance of natural pearls in the region while responding to the latest trends. Celebrating the reveal of the new jewellery line, Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, Chairman of Alfardan Group, said: “Pearls are the symbol of our past, we are currently in the present and today’s generation is our future. Natural pearls have always been an important part of the region’s heritage and it’s our responsibility to keep their legacy alive.

Motoring Meets Fashion

The luxury car brand Rolls-Royce launches Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion, two prêt-àporter collections, the bold Re-Belle and the striking Fu-Shion. These exquisite creations by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective are inspired by vibrant hues and textures seen in the world of high fashion. Each collection includes two interior colourways defined by iconic accent colours: Lime Green or Peony Pink for Re-Belle and Mandarin or Forge Yellow for Fu Shion. Each interior style can be paired with one of two carefully selected exterior looks – either eye-catching or more discrete and understated. “With Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion, we drew inspiration from the world of our patrons – individuals with eclectic tastes who define trends and influence current movements in the fields of art, fashion and design,” says Celina Mettang, Bespoke Colour and Material Designer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Funky Designs

MAX&Co. has launched the latest chapter in its spring and summer 2023 &Co.llaboration series, a partnership with Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S., the company behind the ‘90s fever: the Tamagotchi. Conceived in Japan in 1996, this interactive digital pet and egg-shaped device quickly became a global phenomenon. The Tamagotchi in Paris capsule combines the nostalgia of the ‘90s with typical French style, with playful figures and pixelated graphics applied in eye-catching pieces such as the Breton tees and berets. Beaded and embroidered characters and motifs – including hearts and the Tamagotchi itself – appear across the collection, bringing a twist to tailored cotton shirts and indigo jeans. ‘Eat, sleep, repeat’, the simple instructions for looking after these toys, decorates the back of tees, the front of slouchy sweaters and jacquard collars. The &Co.llaboration capsules are a celebration of the MAX&Co. ethos of togetherness – an ongoing part of the brand’s story.

TV Series Inspired

The footwear brand Malone Souliers has launched The Emily in Paris collection, a collaboration with the romantic comedy television series created by Darren Star for Netflix. Set and filmed in Paris, the series stars Lily Collins as an aspiring marketing executive. Emily in Paris is a show about style, with each key character’s personality communicated through the clothes they wear. Emily is a brand-new shoe silhouette set apart by a striking bow and available in a number of iterations, from evening-ready black and white satin to whimsical pink gingham. Camille is inspired by the character of the same name and Emily’s confidante and guide to all things French. Taking Camille’s elegant personal style as a starting point, the shoe is graceful and purposeful in its shape, with a large, crystallised heart motif on the toe. Mindy, named after Emily’s closest friend and fellow outsider to the Parisian culture, was designed as an eye-catching number embellished with organza appliqué flowers across the toe. There is also a nod to the show’s male characters with a couple of timeless men’s shoes.

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