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Staying ahead of every piece of news can be daunting. Here are the top fashion updates you might have missed!

Beauty Vault

Hermès have proudly announced the opening of their newest store at Doha Festival City. This boutique marks Hermès’ third presence in Qatar and the first dedicated solely to perfume and beauty. Drawing inspiration from the region’s heritage and landscapes, the store’s façade radiates against sand and stone shades, while the interior boasts smooth travertine floors and sand-coloured walls, evoking the desert’s contrasts. Visitors can explore Hermès’ fragrance collections, including the Hermessence and Art de Vivre lines, alongside personalised beauty consultations and flash make-up applications. A private consultation room offers an intimate Hermès experience. The room is adorned with curated artworks celebrating the brand’s creativity and Qatari culture. The space promises a harmonious sensory journey, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in Hermès’ métiers.

Running in Style

New Balance, renowned for running prowess, have inaugurated their maiden store in Qatar, underscoring a steadfast commitment to the MENA region. Situated within Doha Festival City, the shop embodies the brand’s metro flex concept, offering a comprehensive array of products across running, lifestyle and sports categories. Spanning 200sq/m, the space fosters an immersive shopping experience, accentuating New Balance’s heritage in the running sector. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of notable figures from Al Sadd FC and Aspire Zone Foundation, further highlighting the brand’s strong partnerships in the region. With 20 stores already operational in MENA and plans for further expansion, New Balance is poised to deepen its resonance with consumers across the region.

Hello Qatar!

Alo Yoga, the luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, opened its latest flagship store in Qatar at Doha Festival City in partnership with the Alshaya Group, a renowned international retail franchise operator. The store, spanning 410sq/m, offers a comprehensive range of high-performance activewear and on-trend leisurewear, reflecting Alo’s global mission of promoting mindful movement, wellness and community. This launch also marks the introduction of the brand’s online shopping platform in Qatar, further enhancing customer accessibility. With successful openings in Kuwait and Dubai, Alo’s expansion prioritises customer engagement and convenience. Established in 2007 in Los Angeles, Alo has rapidly become a favourite among celebrities, yogis and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, known for its premium quality, ethically made and eco-conscious activewear and wellness products for men and women.

Haute Performance

The Cannes Film Festival witnessed the world premiere of the BMW XM Mystique Allure, a unique collaboration between BMW and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Inspired by Naomi’s confidence and style, the car blends progressive luxury with extravagant design. Naomi herself presented the car against the backdrop of Cannes’ glamour, emphasising its status as a unique masterpiece. This marks BMW’s third year as the Official Automotive Partner of the festival, showcasing its commitment to premium mobility with a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. The BMW XM Mystique Allure is the first BMW to incorporate high-fashion materials, with its exterior boasting a rich ultramarine hue and luxurious velvet interiors. Its driving experience is enhanced by a custom soundtrack created by BMW Group Sound Design and Hans Zimmer, reflecting the car’s exceptional performance and aesthetic allure.

Retro Redux

Mango’s spring and summer capsule collection, in collaboration with renowned designer Victoria Beckham, epitomises a fusion of classic British luxury and contemporary design. Inspired by the sophistication of the ’70s style showcased in the French film La Piscine, the collection offers a versatile day-to-night wardrobe featuring impeccably cut tailoring, feminine lingerie dresses, knitwear and accessories. Crafted from premium natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk, the pieces boast a neutral palette with hints of blue, peach or mauve pink. Tailoring takes centre stage with sharp blazers, elongated trousers and flowing slip dresses featuring bias cuts and lingerie-inspired details. This collaboration marks a bold celebration of Mango’s 40th anniversary, resonating with the brand’s ethos of style, quality and femininity.

Cruelty-Free Fashion

The Stella McCartney brand is marking the 15th anniversary of its iconic Falabella tote, a pioneer in cruelty-free luxury. Breaking norms, the vegan ‘it’ bag embodies handcraftsmanship and durability sans leather, aligning with the brand’s ethos. With over one billion animals slaughtered annually for leather, the Falabella champions sustainability, crafted in Italy with innovative, eco-conscious materials. Its design, a blend of masculine and feminine elements and special editions with artists like Urs Fischer, Hajime Sorayama and others, underscores its cultural significance. Innovations like MIRUM and VEGEA offer ethical alternatives to animal leather, while Airlite coating purifies the air. Each bag features ocean plastic linings and organic cotton lacing, reflecting Stella’s commitment to ethical fashion. Raised in an animal-friendly environment, the designer’s dedication stems from her upbringing, shaping her brand as a trailblazer in cruelty-free luxury.

Alliance of Champions

Louis Vuitton proudly present their latest Core Values campaign featuring tennis icons Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal conquering Italy’s Dolomites. With the tagline ‘There are Journeys that turn into Legends,’ the campaign symbolises ambition and camaraderie as the champions embark on a shared ascent, transcending rivalry with mutual respect. Federer’s elegance and Nadal’s athleticism, each with their record-setting Grand Slam wins, characterise parallel odysseys from prodigies to global icons. Nadal expresses pride in sharing the campaign with Federer, his former rival turned friend, highlighting the legacy of human connection. Federer, likewise, reflects on their unique journey, united by this meaningful collaboration. Against nature’s breathtaking backdrop, they epitomise Louis Vuitton’s values of excellence and transmission. Louis Vuitton’s CEO, Pietro Beccari, applauds the Core Values series’ revival, highlighting its homage to the maison’s ethos. Their partnership embodies determination and pioneering spirit, echoing the brand’s timeless elegance and humility.

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