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For A Greater Cause

The Valérie Messika Foundation is expanding its international commitment to supporting young people with the MESSIKA CARE(s) collection for 2024. Featuring 12 new jewellery pieces, a percentage of profits will be donated to non-profit organisations (NGOs). The campaign stars dancer Salif Gueye and model Rose Chalmè, embodying the spirit of freedom and movement. The Foundation, focusing on education, culture and health, distributed over 4,000 hygiene kits to disadvantaged young women globally in 2022 and 2023. In 2024, efforts will centre on India, highlighting the Saksham programme of NGO Plan International, which provides training and employment opportunities. The collection features new bracelet and necklace designs in beige and yellow gold, khaki and white gold, cream and rose gold, and black and white gold, incorporating the Baby Move and Move Uno patterns.

Wear Your Memes

MAX&Co. has announced its latest &Co.llaboration with artist Pietro Terzini: BLABLABLA. This fun collection celebrates self-expression, creativity and humour. Renowned for his uplifting word art, Terzini’s phrases have captivated audiences, particularly during the pandemic. In BLABLABLA, he transforms wardrobe staples into ‘wearable memes’ with playful, handwritten phrases. A formal blazer reads ‘Out of Office’ on the back, outerwear proclaims ‘Brr So Windy,’ and a patchwork cardigan features ‘Don’t Be Squared’. T-shirts, skirts, shirts and totes are also adorned with witty commentary. The collection extends into home décor with blankets and an angular vase. This capsule disrupts traditional dress codes, blending real and imaginary with bold, bright colours. Each piece tells a story, becoming truly ’MEMErable’.

Playful and Sweet

FENDI introduced its playful new accessory, the FENDI x Chupa Chups lollipop holder, featured on the Women’s Autumn and Winter 2024/2025 runway. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, this charming piece embodies the whimsical spirit of both brands. Expertly crafted by FENDI leather artisans, the holder features Selleria macro-stitching and the signature FF logo in metal. It’s available as a charm for FENDI bags or as a necklace, ensuring the lollipop is always within reach with its adjustable leather strap and magnetic closure. Available in soft and vibrant hues, it adds a cheerful twist to any look. The holder comes with five co-branded Chupa Chups x FENDI lollipops, paying homage to the five Fendi sisters. The FENDI x Chupa Chups lollipop holder launches globally on July 18, 2024.

Denim of the Future

GUESS has launched its new California denim lifestyle brand, GUESS JEANS, which celebrates its heritage and looks to the future. It features British actress and model Iris Law as the inaugural face. Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti, Iris embodies the modern evolution of the brand, showcasing the inaugural collection’s staple pieces. GUESS JEANS introduces the groundbreaking GUESS AIRWASH technology, a sustainable alternative to traditional stone washing, developed with Jeanologia. This innovative method reduces water and energy consumption, reflecting contemporary values. Creative Director Nicolai Marciano, inspired by GUESS’ iconic past, propels the brand into a sustainable future. With a focus on sustainability and modern heritage, GUESS JEANS paves the way for the next four decades of denim fashion. The Summer 2024 collection, rooted in denim, is now available globally.

Shibori Magic

COS announced a special collaboration with Kyoto-based artisan Kazuki Tabata, renowned for his mastery of shibori, the traditional Japanese resist-dyeing craft. This limitededition collection features 14 pieces spanning womenswear, menswear and accessories, showcasing COS’ signature silhouettes reimagined through the art of shibori. The intricate patterns created through binding, folding and dyeing cloth, offer a mesmerising blend of texture and flair, with soft tones of blue, orange and brown evoking a sense of timelessness and calm. The collection emphasises creative layering and adaptable styling, perfect for summer dressing. Noteworthy pieces include a delicate silk scarf crafted using the Sekka Shibori technique, featuring intricate Sekka snow crystals and garments made from sustainable materials like recycled nylon and TENCEL Lyocell.

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