Indulge your senses and restore your well-being at the InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa. OHLALA’s Homara Choudhary spent a tranquil afternoon at its award-winning wellness sanctuary for a VIP treatment.

Nestled in the grounds of Doha’s longest private beach, among beautifully manicured gardens lies one of Qatar’s finest spas. Its own exclusive entrance, beside the main hotel, provides utmost privacy in luxurious surroundings. With 16 palatial treatment rooms, couples’ suites, a private indoor pool, relaxation rooms, a tea lounge, sauna, a spa hot tub, and a unique Quartz Bed it fully deserves the OHLALA spa award it won last year.

The spa, which opened its doors in 2017, exudes a relaxing and welcoming ambience. I was greeted by the Director, Arie Sunia, who discussed the wide array of bespoke treatments available on the menu. After identifying my skin type and concerns, she suggested I tried their popular Oxygen Rejuvenate Facial which promised to hydrate and lift my parched skin. She also recommended the award-winning signature Spa InterContinental Experience, a two-hour customised treatment comprised of a full-body scrub and a personalised body massage. She explained that this particular treatment is popular as it is tailor-made for each client’s individual needs.

My therapist Yulia was waiting to take me through the stunning marble corridors, the scent of aromatic essential oils lifting my spirits. I also discovered an interesting fact; each of the 16 rooms is named after a letter from the word InterContinental. I was shown to the ‘Orchids’ suite. It was beautifully lit and had two wardrobes, a shower, a washroom and a seating area. There was even a jewellery box for valuables. The perfect suite for couples or a spa day with your best friend. I slipped into a sumptuous white robe and refreshed my senses with the cool pressed ginger drink that was waiting for me.

All spa treatments begin with a relaxing foot ritual. Yulia dipped my feet in warm soapy water and exfoliated them with a gentle salt scrub, known for its antiseptic properties. This was followed by a foot massage that instantly relaxed me.

We began with the body scrub. There were three to choose from, shitake mushroom, tropical fruit and lemongrass. I opted for the latter. My treatment began on the state-of-the-art Gharieni spa bed. Made in Germany, it’s a premium brand dubbed the ‘RollsRoyce’ of spa beds. With its unique heating system, my body felt comfortably warm as Yulia gently rubbed the invigorating scrub into my skin. Using long upward strokes she exfoliated my body, buffing away any dead skin cells until the granules slowly dissolved. Once she completed the treatment, I washed off any remaining product in the suite’s shower. My skin was visibly glistening and felt as soft as silk.

The full body massage was next. There were three types of oils to choose from: Refreshing, Spirit and Relaxing. Feeling rejuvenated from the body scrub, I chose the refreshing oil containing citrus, lemongrass and lavender. Yulia began by preparing my body for the treatment. With warm towels enveloping my skin, she slowly massaged my pressure points and stretched my arms and legs. She then began slowly releasing the large tension knots from my shoulders using the oil. Those knots were stubborn. Using her thumbs and elbows, Yulia managed to ease the pain as she untangled the strain along my upper body by rubbing the nape of neck, right down to my shoulders. Her massage technique was unique. It was the perfect combination of Swedish and Balinese. Over the course of 90 minutes Yulia miraculously managed to release every knot in my body using soft feather-like strokes. She finished the treatment with a head massage, focussing on the sides and the back of the scalp. I felt completely restored.

The final chapter of my wellness journey was the Oxygen Rejuvenate Infusion facial. It promised to hydrate, even out skin tone and reduce any fine lines and wrinkles for a ‘visible lift’. No wonder it’s popular among A-list celebrities like Madonna. Ardana, who was carrying out the treatment explained there were three main layers to the process. Cleansing, moisturising and protecting. She began with a gel cleanser to remove any oils and followed that with an enzyme exfoliant scrub. After removing it with soft hot towels she applied a serum, containing hyaluronic acid, with a wand that delivered a stream of high pressurised oxygen to the skin’s surface. I could feel my facial muscles physically relaxing. So much so that I fell asleep! I woke to Ardana completing the final step; the moisture binding cream, which locks in the serum. She finished my experience with hot towels cleansing my hands and feet.

It is little wonder that this five-star sanctuary has an established cult following. After an afternoon of head-to-toe pampering, I felt completely renewed, my face looked younger and brighter and I emerged from the spa feeling like an empress.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 4484 4444.

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