Maxim…French pretender, or the real deal?

What’s It All About?

We can all agree that Doha has its fair share of renowned gourmet French restaurants in town. We can also agree, that all these restaurants might just be for deep pockets only – causing a bit of hesitation at the outset.

In saying that, Maxim, Radisson Blu’s very own gourmet French restaurant, offers top of the line, affordable cuisine with a superb atmosphere. With sophisticated red couches, matching its vivid red carpet, stunning chandelier and vintage Parisian feel,
the restaurant is a hidden gem within the premises of the prominent hotel. But of course, we couldn’t miss the fine details that make up the experience: the candles in each table setting and the live piano really hit the spot.

Maxim at Radisson Blu

Ohlala Recommends

Choices were endless. From mocktails to bubbly drinks, you can enjoy an array of beverages from start to finish. As for their cuisine, there’s a fusion of local and French ingredients to ignite your palate. However, if we had to break it down, the dish that
really stirred some talk was the Potato Gnocchi (QR90) as a warm starter. It’s the perfect glide into the evening – great for sharing, and there’s an abundance of red sauce to go round. If you’re after a lighter appetiser, the Crab Imperial, a succulent
cream with lemon zest (QR76), has a real cool freshness to it.

Potato Gnocchi

“There’s a fusion of local and French ingredients to ignite your palate. The dish that really stirred talk was the Potato Gnocchi”

For main courses, you can go about it with heaps of variety. Giant Ravioli is a must (QR100) with truffle and pumpkin filling – also perfect for two. And for meat lovers, give the juicy US Beef Tenderloin Roll (QR215) a go. A combination of mushroom sauce,
vegetables to the side and fondant potato – Ohlala’s favourite – is a dish we are still salivating over till today! Furthermore, a night does not end properly without a proper dessert. End your evening with a delicious Bitter Sweet-Chocolate Mousse (QR50)
with delicious fresh fruits to the side.


Get Going And Start Dialing

We say Maxim is the real deal for gourmet French cuisine. Open daily from 6pm until 11pm, located at Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar.

For more information and reservations call 4428 1428

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