A Mediterranean FEAST

Medina Centrale is Doha’s destination if you want to enjoy a charming town square ambience. It mixes gardens, terraces and canopies, the best location for La Casa Twenty Eight, where Homara Choudhary embarked on a palate-pleasing journey.

There are few things more joyful than finding a gem in one’s own city. La Casa Twenty Eight, tucked away in Medina Centrale on The Pearl, both surprises and delights. Offering a strong pavement cafe vibe for hubbly bubbly and al fresco dining, the interior is a cool Mediterranean shade, dark and alluring for clients ready to sample its cuisine.

Live music is on offer, but the tranquil interior has its majestic magic with soft velvet seating in a deep jade. While the outdoor area was lively and surprisingly busy for a school night, the indoor atmosphere was calm and serene – the perfect spot for a mid-week treat.

We started our journey with the tantalising Royal Shrimp. Juicy and tender, they were ingeniously wrapped in Knefeh, giving the whole morsel a light crispy texture, the perfect counterpoint to the succulent shrimp. They were absolutely divine.

These were complemented by the Rock Shrimps Tempura that were not only delicately crunchy, the sauce they came with was zesty and tangy without dominating overtones. They were exquisitely soft – a superb way to start any culinary experience.

The manager, Diego, was extremely helpful in guiding us through the menu, emphasising that the ingredients used in all of La Casa’s dishes are second to none. The Wagyu Cheek Confit certainly lived up to this and was mouth-wateringly soft, nestled on a bed of buttery mashed potato and spinach.

The Vitello alla Milanese was devoured with great relish as the veal’s crispy coat exquisitely set off its delicate flavour.

We had to pause for a few moments as our thirst was quenched by a couple of well-deserved Casitos, one lime and mint, the other a delicious passion fruit.

As a fusion restaurant with roots in both Italy and Andalucia, it is no surprise that their Paella is renowned and authentic. La Casa Twenty Eight has its own take excelling at what is already a signature dish. It was easy to see why this particular standout choice was so popular. It had everything you’d expect in a Paella and more, with a secret unique La Casa twist. There were two different types; one was seafood based, the other was for meat lovers.

Having tried both and found them deliciously comforting and at the same time interesting, we could now focus on our desserts.

We opted for La Casa classics the Tiramisu and Lemon Meringue and were extremely glad we did. Tiramisu can be tricky to get exactly right, and the chefs at La Casa nailed it with a perfect blend of coffee and mascarpone topped off with cocoa flakes. The meringue is an Italian classic, and the tangy lemon sandwiched between layer after layer of chantilly cream left the taste buds gasping for more.

A single creamy espresso topped off what was an amazing meal.

La Casa’s service was relaxed yet efficient, the staff eager to offer up their favourite dishes as choices. The outdoor cafe section offers hubbly bubbly and has a sweet street-style motif whilst retaining its elegance, gentle live music and a live band giving it an added attraction.

The restaurant conveys both a lively outdoor Mediterranean bustle and the serene calm of its interior and is definitely a jewel in Medina Centrale’s crown.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call La Casa Twenty Eight on 4415 3333.

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