The second opus of Messika Paris’ Beyond The Light collection channels radiance and power. The creations were presented in a runway show during Paris Fashion Week.

Characteristic of Messika Paris’ Beyond The Light collection, the new pieces continue to explore the fascinating, mysterious world of ancient Egypt. In these pieces, the power of architectural lines is combined with the purity of geometric shapes enriching Messika’s offerings. Particularly when it comes to the work on coloured gemstones such as turquoise, malachite, onyx and aventurine. This month, we highlight two lines in this vast collection.


Messika’s iconic Move Uno pattern is depicted through the Imperial Move ensemble – necklace, bracelet and finger rings – in the colours of the Nile river. Onyx, aventurine, turquoise and malachite are combined with gold and diamonds. Ancient Egypt emphasised the use of colours and what they represented. Egyptians were masters of mixing colours, highlighting ancient art’s symbolism and spiritual inspiration. One of the sets features a necklace, ring and earrings with the colours of the stones creating beautiful pairings and bold combinations. Malachite and yellow gold, onyx and white gold, aventurine glass and rose gold, turquoise and yellow gold, and an all-gold set.


The Kandake line brings a graphic motif expressing the brand’s connection to the fashion world. The mesh used throughout this suite allows flexibility and movement of the pieces and the intricate designs are shown in necklaces, bracelets and mono hoops. These jewels celebrate the power of women and evoke the images of queens from the ancient kingdom of Kush in present-day Sudan. They were powerful warrior women who stood up to the armies of the Roman emperor Augustus.

Messika’s pieces adorn all parts of the body. The bold and ultracontemporary items showcase Valérie Messika’s unique talent. The setting of all stones and flexible links highlights the quality of the French brand that brings innovation to the high-jewellery world.

For more information, please call Messika boutique at
Villaggio Mall 4444 5755, Mall of Qatar 4444 0266 and
Place Vendôme 4416 6665.

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