With N°1 DE CHANEL line, the House of CHANEL takes a holistic approach to beauty, paving the way for a new generation of anti-aging products that are effective, eco-responsible, and enjoyable, all at once.

It benefits from the latest scientific advances in the different CHANEL Research realms of expertise: camellia science, the field of skin senescence, and the art of formulation.

After 10 years of experimentation in the field of senescence in collaboration with the University of Vienna, CHANEL has brought to light the remarkable revitalizing benefits of red camellia flower extract. N°1 DE CHANEL marks the very first time that this extract, enriched with protocatechuic acid, has been incorporated into CHANEL skincare products, which prevent and correct the appearance of the 5 signs of aging.

Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower is now at the heart of a beauty line featuring anti-aging skincare, makeup, and a fragrance mist.

CHANEL remains ahead of time with two new releases, developed to meet the same rigorous standards as the rest of the line: the RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING ESSENCE LOTION and the RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING BODY SERUM-IN-MIST.

The N°1 DE CHANEL line is at the forefront of science and innovation, developed with great care and special consideration for the sensory nature of its formulas. Unwilling to compromise on the unique pleasure of CHANEL skincare products, CHANEL Research and CHANEL Neuroscience Department experts worked hand-in-hand to develop a range of 11 distinctive formulas that offer unprecedented sensory appeal as well as efficacy.

A silky gel and a comforting cream, an evanescent mist and a surprising powder that transforms into an ultra-soft foam… Some are creamy, others more enveloping or water-like, but each offers multiple sensations for the ultimate wellness experience.


Because beauty is a state of mind, and the mind is intimately tied to the skin, the Sensorial Analysis Department from the CHANEL Neuroscience Department has worked for over 20 years to ensure that CHANEL beauty products are not only effective, but also pleasant to use.

Therein lies all the knowledge of the experts in the CHANEL formulation laboratory: developing formulas with the perfect balance of efficacy and sensory appeal. A formula’s appearance, how it transforms upon contact with the skin, the feel of its texture, how easily it glides on, the subtle scent it exudes… By adjusting different formulation parameters, CHANEL experts are able to create effective and highly sensorial beauty products that generate a wave of sensations and emotions.


A long research and innovation phase was necessary to perfectly harmonize two objectives: making N°1 DE CHANEL formulas as natural as possible — part of a comprehensive eco-responsible approach — and respecting the strict standards set forth in the House formulation charter. CHANEL had to take into consideration new ingredients, which were selected based on extremely strict quality criteria; explore new textures; and test new raw materials in order to find the best-performing alternatives and unite an increasingly eco-responsible vision with exceptional sensory appeal in every formula.

Through meticulous blends of some of the most environmentally friendly raw materials, N°1 DE CHANEL offers effective and multi-sensorial formulas. Formulas were developed to feature a high percentage of camellia-derived active ingredients.

Red camellia extract provides revitalizing properties, camellia water is refreshing, red camellia oil — obtained by pressing the seeds — preserves skin hydration, and an extract of Pichia yeast found in the camellia microbiota strengthens its barrier function.

N°1 DE CHANEL packaging is held to these same standards, incorporating the codes of ultimate luxury and those that are emblematic of the House. It is the fruit of an extensive research and innovation process to determine the perfect weight, the perfect shape, the best ergonomic design. Every detail counts and contributes to the sensory identity of the line — all the way down to the unique sound that the jars of N°1 DE CHANEL creams make when opened.

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