These new additions to the Panthère de Cartier collection characterise skilful craftsmanship and a wild, rebellious spirit.

The Panthère has been a creative signature for Cartier since the first sighting of its distinctive markings on a watch in 1914. It graduated from abstract to figurative representation three years later when it was depicted, flanked by cypress trees, on a case gifted by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint [later appointed Director of Fine Jewellery at the maison]. An eccentric, emancipated visionary, in 1948, Jeanne fleshed out the creature in three dimensions and the Panthère has prowled the annals of the luxury brand ever since.

The latest additions to the Panthère de Cartier collection feature necklaces and bracelets that are crafted to unfold without revealing a hinge. An invisible system developed by Cartier. These flexible jewellery pieces hug the body as closely as possible thanks to their magnetic and sinuous design, just like Cartier’s emblematic animal, which the maison displays in a teasing tête-à-tête. Cartier cultivates jewellery simplicity, personified by a bangle made of yellow gold marked with octagonal black lacquer spots or white gold paved with diamonds and set with onyx spots. Its long, curved design stems from two heads of sculptural panthers with emerald or tsavorite garnet eyes. Bringing the pieces to life, the movement of the articulated Panthère necklace and bracelet is made possible by the composition of two different components crossed with two gold blades which are linked to two springs positioned in the heads of the panthers. A real challenge in terms of craftsmanship that requires the brand’s jewellers to respect the distribution of the Panthère’s spots. Each stone is encircled with small metal grains in the diamond versions to secure it. Further, using Cartier’s unique fur setting, the maison’s artisans ingeniously cut around the onyx to give the impression of the animal’s silky coat.

The Panthère’s strength and desirability inherited from Jeanne Toussaint embody the jewellery creations to this day. Cartier cultivates this inspiration’s wild, sophisticated and rebellious nature through its collections.

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