The incredible success story: from fashion watches to luxury watches

This ambitious project comes after the overwhelming success of PHILIPP PLEIN fashion watches,  launched in 2021 by PHILIPP PLEIN together with its license partner, Timex Group. Today,  PHILIPP PLEIN fashion watches are distributed in over 4000 points of sale in 60 countries  worldwide and they have been the most successful new entry in the fashion watches’ market  for many years.

Made in Switzerland

The luxury watch division of PHILIPP PLEIN is in Lugano, Switzerland, where the PLEIN GROUP has its headquarters. Lugano, Switzerland is also the place where all the luxury watches  of PHILIPP PLEIN are hand finished by specialists of the watchmaking industry.

Crypto King and Crypto Queen Collection: first of many.

The luxury watch division of PHILIPP PLEIN debuts today with the CRYPTO KING & CRYPTO  QUEEN collection, the first of many luxury watch editions to come under the signature of  PHILIPP PLEIN.

The inauguration of the PHILIPP PLEIN CRYPTO KING & CRYPTO QUEEN collection marks a  new milestone in the Swiss made luxury watch industry. This is not just a project. It is the  beginning of the PHILIPP PLEIN luxury watch division. PHILIPP PLEIN will introduce his  luxury timepieces, made in Switzerland in all his stores & flagship stores and at selected  distributors worldwide with a dedicated shopping experience.

The Future is Now: The First Luxury Physical Watch linked to Digital NFT Art The PHILIPP PLEIN Swiss Made debut is expected to be spectacular and unique, with a full-on  physical experience, from the unboxing to the actual wear. The high-end box set comes with a  digital screen playing the latest digital art content created by Antoni Tudisco. For the first time  in the luxury watchmaking industry, the purchase of a physical luxury watch is linked to the  acquisition of digital NFT art. The PHILIPP PLEIN luxury watch owner automatically becomes an NFT art collector. With the purchase of each watch, every PHILIPP PLEIN customer will  also receive an exclusive, collectible, limited edition NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN) created by  the world leading NFT artist Antoni Tudisco.

The connection between PHILIPP PLEIN and the digital world goes way back and PHILIPP  PLEIN has always been a digital innovator in the luxury industry. In fact, PHILIPP PLEIN has  been the first luxury brand ever, who started to accept crypto currencies as an official payment  method in his over hundred stores worldwide and e-commerce platforms. The company made a  substantial investment into the Metaverse by acquiring the PLEIN Plaza for $1.5 million back in  2022. The launch of the Crypto King and Crypto Queen is also going to be celebrated with an  exclusive digital live event at the Metaverse’s Plein Plaza, the 100 meter high Skyscraper built by  PHILIPP PLEIN in the Metaverse based on a project and design by the PHILIPP PLEIN’s long  term partners, Antoni Tudisco. The first hundred visitors attending the Metaverse’s luxury watch  launch event will receive a NFT Wearable Jewellery Masterpiece Necklace recalling the design  shape of the new Crypto King/Crypto Queen Time Machine.

The Ultimate Time Machines. A taste of tradition and futuristic forward thinking The CRYPTO KING and CRYPTO QUEEN are the perfect symbiosis between functionality,  architecture, and design. The tonneau-shaped case enriched with the hexagonal pattern,  combined with a cutting-edge silicone strap and the automatic Swiss movement, are distinctive  characteristics of these unmistakable timepieces. The high-quality workmanship and the  distinguished case construction are synonymous with Swiss watchmaking excellence and its  exacting standards of precision.  

With its 55 x 45 mm case, the PHILIPP PLEIN gent’s choice, CRYPTO KING, features a double  layer see-through dial with the unmistakable 3D $kull as well as a see-through case back and  double dome sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Available in different shades of red,  black, fumé and lime, the CRYPTO KING plays with transparencies: from the see-through middle  case to the clear strap, this model is emblematic of PHILIPP PLEIN’s pioneering vision of  greatness in the shape of an ultra-modern and luxury time machine. Whether in alligator leather  or silicone, the CRYPTO KING’s straps are carefully studied, and their refined aesthetics are all  inherent to the personality of the timepiece.

The CRYPTO QUEEN embodies the feminine essence of the PHILIPP PLEIN Swiss Made  collection. With its sleek silhouette and the presence of diamonds on the see-through dial, this  timepieces epitomize the feminine luxury. Pastels colours, rich details, and contemporary design

complete the homage of Philipp Plein Luxury Watches to their female customers.  CRYPTO KING and CRYPTO QUEEN are the first hyper-luxurious time machines to combine a  Swiss $keletonized automatic movement with an exclusive collectible created by the world leading NFT artist, Antoni Tudisco. As such, the time machines are not only functional, but also  unique works of art that represent a blend of tradition and modernity. Believing in his dreams  until they come true, PHILIPP PLEIN’s new venture will be a game-changer for the traditional  watch-making industry.

Mr. Philipp Plein’s Quote

Remarking on its move into the Swiss made luxury watch market, Philipp Plein states: “The DNA  of the Philipp Plein brand has always been about uncompromised luxury and exclusivity. I feel that  bringing my brand in the Swiss made, luxury watch segment is a move consistent with the positioning of  the brand Philipp Plein and of its products. I am, by nature, an innovator and a disruptor who believes in  his dreams until they come true and, in my case, this attitude proved to be successful. In several cases, by  taking risks and doing things outside the box, I managed to interrupt industries and start new successful

ventures and markets. This is what I am trying to do here by creating an unprecedented connection between  the watch making industry and the world of digital art.  

Today we have accomplished the development of the First Timepiece where digital meets physical. I’m sure  that the project will generate a lot of interest, and the live-stream in Decentraland happening today is an  excellent way to reach out to the entire META & CRYPTO community. It’s exciting to see how the project  will be received, and how it will pave the way for future innovations in luxury watch-making”  

From Switzerland to the World.

Geneva is just the first step for the CRYPTO KING and CRYPTO QUEEN collections; the journey  will continue with more events after the Watches & Wonders exhibition to continue disrupting industry rules with a brand-new concept of watches combined with NFTs on a global scale. The  next steps will be Monaco, Singapore, London, Paris, New York City and Las Vegas with a series  of exclusive events across the globe.

The PHILIPP PLEIN project involves a daring and exciting mission. Thanks to  technological expertise acquired over many years, PHILIPP PLEIN will be able to  transport the event beyond reality and create a next-level unforgettable experience in the  Metaverse world Decentraland, more precisely Plein Plaza. Philipp Plein is known for his  revolutionary approach to fashion, and this extends to his ability to create spectacular  events that leave a lasting impression. One of his signatures is his ability to infuse a sense  of magic and awe into his shows, which sets them apart from traditional fashion events.

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