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A taste of sheer luxury is what Alina Mustafina experienced during a stress-busting session at Quan Spa.

The service at Quan Spa at JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha is mindful, meticulous, and divine and will leave you feeling at peace with your body, mind and soul.

When you enter the spa, you’re absorbed into another dimension far away from the bustling city; an oasis where you’re nourished and rejuvenated by a range of Asian and Arabic treatments, using wooden tools, stones, standing bells and meditative music, featuring the sounds of nature – pure tranquillity!

Quan Spa offers a variety of treatments including facials, bathing rituals, body therapies and massages, all using natural healing methods. I was offered some warm water infused with herbs plucked straight out of Quan Spa’s private garden.

They grow their own basil, peppermint, rosemary, jasmine and lime! I asked for a tour of the garden, which is near the hydro tonic pool – a Jacuzzi concept that aids relaxation. Quan Spa harnesses the restorative elements and nurturing power of spring water. The pool is located in the outdoor area of the spa, surrounded by skyscrapers, offering a stunning view.

For my treatments, I selected stress-relieving massage, a bathing ritual and a session in the spa’s unique hydro tonic pool. You can opt for the pool as an add-on to any treatment. As a working mum of two very active boys, I carry a lot of stress and felt this would be the perfect antidote. Elvira, my therapist, showed me to the Ruby room, which is coincidentally the gemstone for Leo – my Zodiac sign. The Ruby room also accommodates couples’ treatments – my kind of couples’ therapy.

On entering, I was fascinated by the huge bathtub that was built on a raised platform. Setting the mood, the candles and rose petal-infused bath called out to me. The room was big and divided into two sections: a massage zone and a bath zone. There were also a steam room, shower and toilet inside. After a quick Hammam and session in the steam room to activate my pores, followed by a shower, Elvira took me through a feet washing ceremony, scrubbing and soothing my feet with bath milk in the bowl next to the tub. I instantly felt relaxed and, with my feet now feeling soft as a baby’s bottom, I was ready to begin my treatment. That’s where the magic began.

Elvira used professional techniques and seemed to be knowledgeable on the nervous system and muscles. I could tell from the way she worked her fingers, easing the tension in my body, that she was an experienced therapist. I felt all the stress that I’d brought with me melt away. Before starting the massage, I was asked for my preference in pressure and which areas I wanted to focus on. I asked for medium to high intensity focused around my neck and shoulders. Elvira nailed both these requirements skilfully.

My massage was followed by a dip in the hydro tonic pool where the hydro massage, especially around my neck and shoulders, felt great. Being in a hydro tonic pool was a new experience for me and I had lots of fun. I had to hold the handrails during the body massage in order to maintain my balance against the water pressure. After this, I was led back to the Ruby room for a luxurious bubble bath infused with rose petals and magnesium salts from the Dead Sea, it was the cherry on the cake. I felt the salts effervesce against my skin, which caused it to tingle. The rose petals added a heavenly fragrance to the bath. Elvira brought me some aromatic green tea with sweet dates and almonds. As I sat there sipping out of my ceramic cup, floating – quite literally – I wondered if I was experiencing the same luxury that Cleopatra in all her glory had experienced.

Though my treatment lasted for two-and-a-half hours, it felt like an eternity. I didn’t want it to end, however, I felt revitalised at the completion. I was relieved of any painful muscles and stress, feeling mentally at peace. Will I be back? Definitely. But this time with my husband.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Quan Spa at JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha on 4429 5118.

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