Deep skin cleansing in a place that combines tradition with modern luxury is what Laura Morris experiences at Saray Spa.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city centre, on the seventh floor of Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, lives Saray Spa. The place is a one-stop destination for all things wellness and prides itself on offering a range of traditional and contemporary treatments and a hotel spa that also represents affordable luxury.

I arrive at Saray Spa, with its dimly lit welcome area, and immediately, the stresses of my day ease away. The therapists, with their warm smiles, set the tone for my visit – this is a chance to be pampered! As I wait momentarily for my therapist to join me, I am enticed to explore the products on offer in the shop which showcases a range of deluxe products and devices such as reed diffusers and candles. These must be the source of the warm and relaxing aromas filling the space!

Today, I am here for the Moroccan Hammam Bath. My therapist, Murni, tells me this is a popular and classic choice. When a treatment is so traditional, I relish the opportunity to experience a different take on it, often finding comfort in familiar elements but with my curiosity spiked whenever a new routine is included. Before it begins, I am guided to the changing area, where I am given a soft robe and some slippers. While I change, I drink a cool hibiscus juice presented alongside a cold towel.

Entering the treatment room, I am greeted by the sight of a beautifully laid marble stone adorned with soft towels for comfort and safety. The temperature inside is warm and inviting, creating a cosy ambience that instantly puts me at ease. Murni talks me through the treatment cycle, providing informative details without being overwhelming. The room is dimly lit, creating an atmosphere that adds to my overall sense of relaxation. As I prepare for the Hammam Bath, my therapist ensures that the water temperature and pressure are to my liking and then proceeds to the initial full-body rinse. The treatment moves on to the application of Moroccan Black Soap; it is thick and lathers up nicely, filling the room with a soft aroma. As it is gently rubbed into my tired skin, Murni shares the unique qualities of this traditional soap: it is known for its ability to remove dead skin cells and toxins and aims to leave my skin feeling softer and smoother. I lie back and enjoy the sensation of it deeply cleansing my skin while listening to the gentle sound of running water reminiscent of rain in the distance.

Next comes the scrub. Murni applies the perfect amount of pressure to boost circulation and provide me with a satisfyingly clean feeling. At this point, it’s worth noting that I am pleasantly surprised by how thoroughly she works to hit even the harderto-reach spots while also being respectful of my personal areas. I feel rejuvenated already as the scrub invigorates my senses and leaves my skin feeling instantly refreshed. After the scrub, Jordanian Dead Sea mud is applied liberally: this has a slight coarseness to its texture which contributes to the slight tingling sensation that I feel while it is smothered on. The mud used by Saray Spa is of the highest quality and known for its antiageing properties, and I must say, I am excited to experience its benefits.

As the mud is given time to work, I am treated to a luxurious hair wash, elevating the experience to new heights. To my mind, there is something rather regal about having your hair washed in this way. Murni uses rose shampoo followed by the same scent of conditioner, products chosen by Saray from the exclusive brand The Different Company, which is stocked only by the world’s most prestigious retailers. The smell of rose fills the room with its captivating aroma. The mud continues to work its magic for around 10 minutes whilst I enjoy the calmness of a quiet moment to myself. My skin can feel the product begin to firm, forming a thin, dry crust-like texture that is both tightening and satisfying.

In the next step, the Sandalwood Melting Gel is used to gently wash the mud away. Its thick texture glides smoothly against my now supple skin and bubbles into a light foam as it is applied. My therapist’s soft and caring hands massage the gel into my skin, with a particular focus on my upper body, working out any knots. As the treatment comes to an end, I am given a final rinse on the marble stone before being shown to a private shower area within the Hammam room. I take the opportunity to finish with a refreshing rinse in the shower, feeling revitalised and refreshed after my Moroccan Hammam Bath has come to an end.

On leaving the treatment room, I go to a relaxing space with a platter of dates, fresh sliced apples and cashew nuts. I opt to partner this with a steamy ginger tea. As I lie back in my robe, sipping my tea, I take the opportunity to reflect on what has been a truly indulgent and rejuvenating experience. Every moment has been carefully curated to create a delightfully relaxing and pampering session. The 75 minutes of the treatment feel simultaneously like they have gone by in a heartbeat but also like the busy world around me has stopped! I go back to the quiet zone in a bit of a daze, a real sign of inner calmness for me. My skin feels cleaner, softer and firmer than it did only a short while ago, with a sweet-smelling scent releasing every time I move.

If you are looking for a spa where you are given a chance to truly unwind, look no further than Saray Spa. Their Moroccan Hammam Bath is an experience that takes relaxation to new heights, a trend which I’m informed spans across their treatment range and, as such, I will certainly be visiting again to try another of their indulgent offerings as soon as I can.

For more information or to make a booking, please call Saray Spa at
Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel on 4419 6090.

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