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OHLALA explores the unforgettable “L” Friday Brunch at Le Cigalon. Join us?

I f you know anything about the iconic hotels of Qatar, you would be well aware that La Cigale Hotel, Managed by Accor is on the top of the list. You can’t call yourself a true ‘Qatar insider’ unless you have had at least one sushi feast there.

And if you’re more of a brunch person, be ready to be delighted by Le Cigalon’s Great “L” Friday Brunch, a decadent spread of international cuisine alongside a wide array of Lebanese specialties. It’s a bright and crisp Friday morning as we enter the bright, yet intimate, interior. We start this culinary journey with a wide selection of salads at the international salad station, neatly presented in small portions arranged on mini platters. The options span octopus potato salad, celery and duck salad, quinoa salad, and traditional Hindbeh salad.

We add an absolutely delicious lobster soup and fresh bread straight from the Italian wood-fired oven to these greens before sampling the fine rendition of the beetroot and avocado hummus, which we adore. It is popular knowledge that the sushi at The Yen Sushi Bar at La Cigale Hotel, Managed by Accor is nothing short of legendary and, to our delight, forms part of the brunch display. Planning ahead and going slow on the delectable salads was a premeditated strategy, of course.

A carousel of colours spin by on the sushi belt, making it hard to decide which delectable plate to select – all you want to do is try them all. Of course, a few plates make their way back to our table with the friendly waiters, all of whom are super on point and courteous.

We are overcome by the burst of fresh flavours from every ensemble. There are so many options that we would have to stay overnight to recuperate if we’re not careful! As we move over to the grill for our main course, a child is overwhelmed with excitement by the sight of the live pasta station. As he runs past, my plate tips and gravy spills on my pure white jacket.

But before I can even express my distress, the manager rushes over and asks if I am okay. Without a thought, he calls a server over and insists that they take my jacket to the hotel’s in-house dry cleaner. I’m taken aback by how attentive they are. And on top of that, the dry cleaner was able to assist in such a short time. After being rescued by the superhero manager Raafat, we get back to the table and start to tuck into the mains. The international spread of favourites continues, ranging from fish, pasta, rib eye beef, and lamb with a variety of vegetables and sides. The scents of spices escaping from the kitchen are mouth-watering. The rib eye is cooked to perfection, while the lamb gravy is revolutionary.

Finally, someone has thought of serving lamb with truffle gravy – can we have an amen! Meanwhile, the rescued jacket is returned to the table perfectly restored just in time for dessert, which ranges from Arabic sweets to continental cakes and desserts. Everything is presented so beautifully you can hardly bring yourself to eat these works of art. We decide to live on the edge and try something totally new – a move that paid off as we’re delighted by the interesting marshmallow dessert comprising of marshmallow-flavoured mouse and topped with cream, strawberries, marshmallows, and a crunchy dusting. The light and refreshing panna cotta is a close second. Our tastebuds are left enchanted as we conclude this delightful brunch, which incidentally takes place from 12pm till 4pm at QR295 per person. Le Cigalon’s standard of food and service makes for an ideal weekend brunch without a doubt, so gather your loved ones this Friday.

For reservations or more information, please call 4428 8888

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