The epitome of indulgence: Skin Caviar Eye Lift, the new launch from La Prairie is a homage to the indulgence of the La Prairie’s iconic caviar beads. ANGELA BEITZ speaks to GREG PRODROMIDES from La Prairie about this innovative new product.

Tell us about Skin Caviar Eye Lift. What is the idea behind this new Skin Caviar creation?
Known as the mirror of the soul, the eyes also tell a story of time passed. Indeed, with 22 muscles in perpetual motion and an average of 10,000 blinks per day, the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye is the area of the face which displays the most concentrated signs of aging, including gravity’s noticeable effects on both the upper and lower lids and on the brows, loss of volume and density, fine lines and wrinkles. The first response to these eye area concerns was typically surgical intervention – until now. With Skin Caviar Eye Lift, La Prairie offers a noninvasive yet effective answer to the eyelift.

You refer to Skin Caviar Eye Lift as an “eye-opening” serum. Can you explain what you mean by that?
With age, the eye area shows many different signs of aging. Indeed the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye is the area of the face which displays the most concentrated signs of aging. Skin Caviar Eye Lift is the first eyeopening serum for the whole eye area, including brows – the gentle yet effective answer to eye lifting and firming concerns. The results are simply unprecedented. Using innovative algorithms specifically developed for Skin Caviar Eye Lift’s efficacy tests, the scientists at La Prairie found that with each use, the eyes are opened while the eye contours are lifted.

Why did you decide to launch a product specifically targeting the eye area?
Women are so concerned by all the signs of aging around the eyes that the first response to these concerns is typically surgical intervention. Blepharoplasty, also known as eye lift or eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eye contour by removing excess skin from the upper eyelids and reducing bagginess from the lower eyelids. This procedure is the most performed facial surgical procedure in the world. With Skin Caviar Eye Lift, La Prairie offers an alternative to the eyelift procedure.

What is so potent about Caviar? How is it a source of life?
More than 30 years ago, in its quest to create the most indulgent skincare, La Prairie unveiled to the world caviar’s unique power to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Caviar is a source of life. Encapsulated in its glistening spheres, an innate energy quivers with the enchantment of new beginnings. La Prairie has harnessed caviar’s life force and has mastered it to open a new life-infused era.

“With Skin Caviar Eye Lift, La Prairie offers an alternative to the eyelift procedure.”

The Skin Caviar collection is known to be the epitome of audacity and indulgence. How does Skin Caviar Eye Lift contribute to this ongoing definition?
Skin Caviar Eye Lift brings together audacious science, cutting-edge technology and the indulgence of caviar in one elevated creation for the eyes.
The epitome of audacity: at La Prairie, the boundaries of innovation are constantly being pushed, the potency of caviar science is always being enhanced and new realms of its potential are perpetually being explored. Caviar’s full lifting potential is harnessed to revive, raise and redefine the gaze. Skin Caviar Eye Lift is a potent combination of two formulas enriched with Caviar Premier and La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex.

What did you have in mind for the texture?
Were there any challenges to achieve the perfect blend between the two formulas? The idea was to develop a delightfully textured serum that can be applied all around the eye area, including the eyebrows. We conceived two formulas – one encapsulated in La Prairie’s iconic caviar beads, the other in an innovative tourmalinepink firming active gel-cream emulsion – which are enriched with Caviar Premier and enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex.

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