Popular for their advanced techniques and exemplary services for nails, N.Bar has surprised everyone by introducing hair services at their Gate Mall Branch. Our local editor, Anushay Taimur Khan, headed to the mall to test some of the services offered at the new branch.

I am fresh out of N.Bar right now and trust me, I don’t want to sit at home at the moment. With the waves that I’ve got going on, my hair and I deserve a night out. Yep, you heard it right: N.Bar and HAIR. True to its name and reputation, N.Bar was an exclusive nail brand which gave you one hundred and one options to keep those cuticles on point. Until they decided they had more to offer. The Gate Mall branch of N.Bar has hair services as well and where one might get a bit confused, I’m here to tell you what a fabulous day I’ve had.

I absolutely love the quirky wall paintings that sync in with the salon and the fact that there is literally a coffee bar in this branch – well you know where you’ll find me every time I need a caffeine awakening. With various stations for manicures, pedicures and massage, you’d be pleasantly surprised to slide open the doors for the hair station. When I heard about these services, I didn’t know what to expect because N.Bar has truly made its mark being one of the best nail care salons around

As soon as I ordered my dose of caffeine, which is usually needed in the middle of the day, I was introduced to my stylist. After a 15 minutes conversation and analysis of my hair, I was informed that I will be trying the Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment. The treatment basically repairs any damaged hair and in my case, the culprit was coloured hair with dry ends. Boosters are added to the treatment to make sure that the effect is long lasting, and after I told my stylist that my hair tends to fall flat after blow dries, she made sure she gave me the right mix.

I know that the digital age has kept us all glued to our phones but trust me, the ideal time to get the best information from the experts is when you’re waiting for the next step. After the treatment was applied, we let it work its magic for a good 10 minutes during which I received all the tips that I could possibly take in. Being a curly haired woman in a weather like Doha’s comes with its frizzy hair problems and oily scalp ailments. I was advised different ways that I could blow dry in order to achieve natural volume. From hair to our gym routines, I had the best company that a girl could ask for which is reflective of the kind rapport you’ll find throughout N.Bar’s services. I know people normally don’t talk in salons and go there to relax, but for me, this is always a part of the service. And, you will never find me sitting silently for too long! I took recommendations on my hair colouring as well, something I will definitely be trying the next time, and discussed the pros and cons of bleaching for lighter hair. I got an insider tip to stay out on the beach more to have the ‘natural’ hair lightening method for a few months before dying them a lighter colour. See, GOLD conversations! Once the treatment was washed out, my styling furor began.

“The treatment basically repairs any damaged hair and in my case, the culprit was coloured hair with dry ends.”

I was asked if I wanted waves and my delightful squeals spoke louder than words. I recently came across videos from the Fashion Week backstage teams where wavy hair had been trending and it just seems like the fashion gurus somewhere heard my heart’s desire and gave the idea of giving me the exact style that was on the runway. #RunwayGoals officially achieved! Contrary to popular belief that all curly haired women want straight hair, I just want to know how to tame mine and be able to manage this barnet. The entire process was a learning lesson for me and I didn’t mind a bit when a combination of sprays, which included the Anti-Frizz, design fix, and modelling spray were used to give my waves a longer lasting effect. Not just that but I received tips on how to make the blow dry last for a further couple of days, considering my scalp situation, and the trick to keep them wavy throughout the night.

One thing is for sure, N.Bar is on top of that hair affair. If a style gets me compliments from the husband like ‘it’s the best I’ve seen on you’, then you better believe it must be amazeballs. The gate mall branch certainly has an edge with these services and I’m definitely booking myself a number of treatments in the coming months, because after all, who wouldn’t want to achieve perfection?

For bookings, please call + 974 40206408 @nbarqatar

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