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Canalons With Black Truffle And Pan Fried
Foie Gras

Our love for Mediterranean food knows no bounds! Try this super Spanish dish with a classy twist …

Serves 4 portions

For the canalons
1 whole chicken
500 grs beef topside
200 grs foie gras
400 grs white bread
1 ltr of milk
2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
200 grs butter

For the stock
100 grs celery
2 parsnips
2 turnips

For the truffle sauce
20 grs Melanosporum fresh truffle
100 grs butter
1ltr whipping cream
100 grs echalotes

For the béchamel
1 l milk
80 grs flour
80 grs butter

16 pcs of canaloni pasta
100 grs aged manchego cheese
200 grs foie gras
40 grs black truffle melanosporum

For the canalons:
Debone the chicken and elaborate a stock with the herbs and vegetables, boiling first the bones and adding vegetables progressively, leave it to boil for 2 hours, strain and reserve.
In a pot melt the butter and roast the chicken and roughly cut it as well as the beef topside, add the foie grass, then the bread and the milk and half of the stock, cook for 3 hours, and then get it minced by the robot and reserve

For the truffle sauce:
Melt the butter and poach the minced echalotes, add the rest of the stock reduced to half, add then the cream reduced to half and finally add the truffle and infused for an hour. Reserve

For the béchamel sauce
Melt the butter, add the flour and progressive mix the milk removing continuously to avoid any lump. Reserve

Finishing and plating:
Boil the pasta in a large pot with salted water, refresh and reserve. Stuff the pasta with the base of canalon and roll it giving the shape of a cylinder. Topped with béchamel sauce and the aged manchego cheese, baked in the oven for 15 min.
Heat the truffle sauce and place it in the bottom of plate, allocate the canalons . Cut the foie gras and lightly panfried, place it on top and finished with slices of fresh black truffle.

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