If you’re looking for expert stylists to help you bring your A-game to the table, you need to head over to JEAN LOUIS DAVID right away

Jean Louis David have opened a new branch in the North Gate Mall where you will find yourself being pampered by a team of experts that are going to help you understand your hair and skin better. I got the chance to experience Slagjana’s expertise and received some good tips from her about hair colouring and cut. Where she wanted to give me the dreamy haircut, I wasn’t too sure about it because I am trying to grow my hair longer. That did not stop Slagjana from telling me that I was not in the position to get lowlights and crush my dream of getting a new makeover. All jokes aside I was grateful for her honesty and rightly so, because she informed me that the darker tones of my hair would not allow the low lights to show and if I REALLY wanted to get them, I needed to bleach it – something she didn’t recommend. We decided to go a few tones lighter for brown, she told me how to manage and continue colouring my roots before she applied the hair dye. After curling my hair, I was ushered over to Rimma, my makeup artist of the day, who was eagerly waiting to work her magic on me. Once we had a discussion about the event I was getting ready for and my own preference, I let her take the reins and simply experiment with me. Her technique is more European meets Arabian, but she got the look that I desired ‘spot-on’. Emphasizing on my eyes and using the tones from the clothes that I was wearing, my dear Rimma couldn’t help but get excited herself. Just seeing her passion for her work was making me excited about the end results! Rimma made sure that the base that she used complimented my natural skin tone – not too dark or light, and brought in the extra WOW with a completely different pop on the lips by using pink. For someone who uses little to no makeup, I couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror. The compliments I got that day made me feel like I was on cloud nine and the only thing that made it better was the impeccable service that I had received.

For bookings, please call +974 4481 8438 / +974 5047 7430 @jldqatar / andtrading.net

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