Mastery Shape, Magic and Mystery

Enter the enchanting world of Cartier’s watchmaking with their latest marvels presented at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024.

The maison’s allure lies in its mastery of shape and form, transforming raw materials into objects of desire that hold within them a world of emotions and memories. Like skilled alchemists, Cartier imbue their creations with intangible qualities that elevate the soul. Through their designs, the brand reveals the world’s wonders and creates them anew. Blurring the lines between reality and imagination and unveiling the beauty and mystery inherent in every tick of the clock.

At Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024, Cartier once again showcases their ability to weave magic into timepieces. From reinvented classics to daring innovations, each creation is imbued with the maison’s distinctive charm and spirit.

Cartier’s animal-inspired jewellery watches are a testament to the maison’s creativity and artistry, dating back to 1914 with the introduction of the panther motif. This year, a captivating hybrid creature, blending the features of a zebra and a crocodile, serves as the muse for a stunning timepiece. The intricate design, meticulously paved with diamonds and hand-lacquered stripes, creates a harmonious balance between graphic elements and organic forms. The silhouette of this chimaera envelops a diamond-shaped dial, adding a touch of whimsy and charm. Each coloured stone is carefully set within an engraved border, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship. These animal-themed inventions, whether figurative or abstract, realistic or imaginative, celebrate the beauty of nature. Over the decades, the brand has continually reinvented this theme, exploring its aesthetic allure, evocative nature and symbolic significance.

The Reflection de Cartier watch invites you to step through the looking glass into a world where time dances with illusion and enchantment. Following the Clash [Un]limited and Coussin watches, this collection continues the exploration of magic and fascination, capturing the mysteries of time in daring designs. Crafted with the expertise of the maison, this timekeeper is a masterpiece of form and function. The bracelet design blends intricate openwork with polished reflective gold, creating a bold yet elegant aesthetic. The tension builds as the delicate dial meets its mirrored reflection, creating a mesmerising illusion of time moving backwards. The watch’s double identity is further emphasised by the gem-like bevelled glass, adding sophistication and precision to its design. Crafted in white gold, this timepiece explores the interplay of materials through unique paving techniques. The combination of snow and inverted settings add both tactile texture and sparkling allure to this extraordinary piece of art.


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