When it comes to fashionable homes, celebrities are often the ones we look to, and some of them have the most amazing residences out there. This month, we explore ways to compose a stylish space.

Celebrities are a reference for beauty and fashion, but their homes are also an inspiration with impeccable interior design. They certainly hire an expert in the field, but there are a few elements that you can incorporate into your own abode.

Personality is one of the crucial aspects when creating an eye-catching space. A room that imposes itself with unique décor is what makes a celebrity home so impressive. Some of them for the wrong reasons, with elements that are over the top. But when carefully put together, they can grab attention and accomplish the wow effect we all look for. However, even when over the top, theses spaces represent their owner, which is undoubtedly the key to having a home or specific rooms that will form talking points that people will want to copy. Odd-looking objects and peculiar designs are a good starting point.

The easiest way to add character to a home is to show off your interests. What are your hobbies? Do you like literature? LEGO? Find a way to make it evident in your décor. You can hang posters, create a corner to display your toys or invest in high shelving that connects rooms to flaunt your book collection. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with what you like – your home needs to please you and your family, not your guests. And, if done nicely, characterful touches can become the cherry on top of your décor.

Vintage findings and art pieces are elements you can incorporate to elevate your décor. The no-one-has-the-same-item effect gives a sense of uniqueness that others cannot achieve. It takes your interior design to another level. Super-expensive pieces can also attain this goal as they will be rare in anyone else’s home.

There is a great ongoing trend of giving value to local products full of tradition and culture. They are usually singular as they are not standardised and each piece, even when made with the same process, ends up different.
Specialised shops are now offering a selection of regional artefacts, serving as a window to artisans. These items can also add a one-of-a-kind touch to your home and most probably not cost an arm and a leg. In Qatar, check out Inaãra – Decor & Lifestyle. They have a selection of curated Indian heritage crafts with colourful and singular items.

On the opposite side of handicrafts is the technology available to take your home to the future. Automated curtains, lights and even coffee machines that can be controlled from your phone also give a top-notch vibe to your residence. They are practical ways to deal with daily tasks, and the more automated, the fancier.

Stay away from design formulas offered by places that sell complete sets, from furniture to colour schemes and ‘artworks’. We understand this is an easy way to achieve a nice-looking home with minimum effort, but they won’t stand out as creative and unique. These shops are there to help you out but don’t rely on their pre-made schemes, try to think outside the box when mixing and matching the elements offered.

At the end of the day, the best solution to achieving a super stylish, celebrity-like home is, without a doubt, to hire an interior designer who has a quirky eye. Someone who works with high-end brands and is aware of the latest trends but is also interested in knowing your preferences and integrating them into your home.

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