A Luxurious Spa Day

A full-body treatment was experienced by Tomene Dilley at Raffles Spa & Wellness at Raffles Doha.

Nestled within the majestic Katara Towers on the bustling waterfront of Lusail marina, you will find the magnificent Raffles Spa & Wellness at Raffles Doha – a gem in the heart of the city.

As I enter the opulent lobby of the hotel, I am directed to the spa entrance, where I am warmly welcomed by the Spa Director, Tina Deniz. She explains that they have a very different and unique suite concept – the only one of its kind in Doha. I am taken straight through and booked into my exquisite private suite. They celebrate a combination of ancient traditions coupled with precious ingredients and sophisticated technologies that work harmoniously to instil wellness, energise and restore you – mind, body and soul. They have partnered with some of the world’s most respected names in scientific skincare and advanced beauty. Dr Burgener Switzerland (exclusively available at Raffles Doha in Qatar), Subtle Energies and Bastien Gonzalez – all working together to produce long-lasting results and a deep sense of well-being.

With nine Experience Suites for spa treatments, each of them has a beautiful private reception check-in area, where you are seated in a plush chair for the first ritual of your day while sipping on a refreshingly delicious juice blend of grape and lime and inhaling the intoxicatingly soothing scents of the products. All suites are beautifully designed to meet all your relaxation and luxury needs.

The Fitness Treatment Suites are equipped with a private gym, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, treatment room and a plush relaxation area with a generous day bed and beautiful views. The suite comes with your booked treatment for a complimentary hour. You can relax for an hour using the generous amenities until your therapist comes to start your soul-quenching treatment. The Spa Suites have a bigger private space, equipped with the same amenities but on a larger scale and instead of the gym, you have an exquisite private outdoor pool for lavish relaxation. The suites also boast two quartz beds with quartz sand heated and believed to remove any negative energy. One of these extraordinary suites will make you feel like the goddess you are for three hours of utter bliss, over and above your treatment time. Not surprisingly, they won the Ohlala Spa & Wellness Awards Qatar 2023 for Best Wellness Spa and Best Spa Design.

I am treated to a Spa Suite, and my ritual begins with a soothing foot bath and a personal consultation to ensure I feel nourished physically, mentally and emotionally with a treatment plan to suit my needs. Sonia, one of their star therapists, takes me through the products she will use during my first treatment, my massage. She presents Subtle Energies curated essential oils while scrubbing and massaging my feet, giving me the opportunity to choose a blend that resonates with me. These intoxicatingly exotic essential oils are crafted by artisan distillers across India. I choose the Rasayana Detox blend. This award-winning oil blend rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin and senses. The energising synergy of oils, such as Tulasi, wild turmeric and lime, helps improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. I fill out a questionnaire about any concerns and conditions and she leaves me to discuss my facial treatment plan with therapist Joy later.

The bathroom area has a cabinet stocked with towels, two fluffy robes, slippers in two sizes, two pairs of disposable underwear, deodorant, hair gel and setting spray and contact lens solution. On the marbled dressing table, you will find Dr Burgener Switzerland’s face and body products in generous pump action bottles, two natural fibre wooden brushes and face flannels. The sauna is next to the separate toilet cubicle and the shower area takes you to an entrance to the exquisite Hammam. As I walk in, my senses are beguiled by the scent of frankincense and sandalwood and the soft hiss of the steam as I lie down to dissolve all my woes.

I enjoy the massive bubbly Jacuzzi for a few minutes before making my way to the calm and soothing treatment area. Sonia asks me for my pressure preference and proceeds to give me a deeply relaxing full body massage for an hour, concentrating on my requested focus areas. The treatment bed is luxuriously soft and comfortable and the soft music soothes my mind into a deep sense of relaxation while Sonia’s healing hands massage my stresses away.

As she finishes her magic, Joy, my facial therapist, comes in and explains that she will be doing a skin analysis to customise my facial. She starts by measuring the level of oil, moisture and pigmentation in my skin. Miraculously, my 47-year-old skin is not as damaged as I expected, and I do not need the entire 90-minute facial that includes their exclusive Dr Burgener Switzerland cosmetic machine that uses a deep cleaning cavitation spatula to clean out pores and blackheads. She does, however, suggest using the ultrasound heads to tighten the fine lines and reduce pigmentation.

We start with a ritual of three deep breaths during which I can smell the essential oils of lavender and sweet orange. Joy then starts the facial routine with the ultrasound machine while using a conducting gel that contains collagen infused with aloe vera. It feels wonderfully cold at first and then starts warming. The ultrasound heads will have a contouring effect along with an anti-inflammatory reaction that helps reduce any puffiness.

This is followed by a sensational arm and hand massage using hydrating body milk with a shea butter base. She then starts the manual facial with a cleanser. All of the products are from the exclusive Dr Burgener Switzerland range and contain floral toners. The cleanser, mask and moisturiser she uses have geranium and sweet orange, all with a powerful prebiotic base for their strong antibacterial properties. The exfoliation has an invigorating cooling effect, and Joy follows this with a nourishing mask and a satiating moisturiser.

I see immediate results on my skin. There is a reduction in the fine lines on my forehead and my skin feels deeply satiated. My mind and body are calm with a sense of harmony.

Finally, I am then treated to ginger and lemon tea and some savoury treats, sweets and fruits and their signature Katara Towers waffle with maple syrup. I lie on the luxurious bed, nibbling on my sumptuous treats while looking out at the incredible view.

There are currently weekly promotions until the end of June that include 20% off selected treatments and various other offerings.

For more information or to make a booking,
please call Raffles Spa & Wellness at Raffles Doha on 4030 7100 or
email spa.rafflesdoha@accor.com

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