Omni The Label, a fashion brand crafted by a European expat immersed in the Middle East’s rich culture for over two decades, is poised to make a captivating debut at Paris Fashion Week.

In a recent discussion, the founder, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared a profound connection to the Middle East. The brand is a manifestation of their deep appreciation for Arabic culture seamlessly intertwined with European design aesthetics.

The genesis of Omni The Label arose from a desire to address the fashion challenges faced by expats in the Middle East. The brand encapsulates a harmonious blend of European and Middle Eastern designs, offering versatile and culturally resonant clothing.

More than just a fashion label, Omni The Label infuses motivational quotes in Arabic calligraphy on each garment, conveying a message beyond aesthetics. It’s about inspiring confidence, positivity, and a sense of purpose through clothing.

Omni The Label takes pride in sourcing materials from renowned Italian manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality. All garments are meticulously crafted in Europe, whilst all the Arabic embroidery is proudly stitched in Qatar.

The latest collection, named “Cultural Harmony,” introduces the brand’s first-ever jewellery piece, an 18k gold necklace in the shape of the Arabic Batoolah; a traditional face covering. Additionally, a cashmere-feel scarf featuring the brand’s signature Arabic calligraphy embroidery and a silky feel abaya with intricate calligraphy embroidery are showcased.

Also on display is Omni The Label’s signature bestsellers including Omni’s black linen blend abaya and their first-curated item; the Camel Brown Kaftan, renowned for its versatile design, and the inspired colour palette that is reminiscent of the Middle-Eastern desert sands.

At Paris Fashion Week, alongside classic pieces, the collection unveils two never-seen-before abayas. One features various styles of Arabic falcon hoods embroidered on it, while the other, part of the new collection, is a silky feel, flowy summer abaya with Arabic calligraphy.

The brand quickly garnered recognition for its distinctive designs, earning features in esteemed publications such as British Vogue. This Paris Fashion Week marks a significant milestone as Omni The Label steps onto the global stage; representing an opportunity to showcase its unique aesthetic, craftsmanship, and creativity. The brand aims to break stereotypes and foster cross-cultural exchange by celebrating the richness and diversity of Arabic fashion traditions.

The upcoming Paris runway will showcase the latest collection, a visual and cultural celebration of the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. The brand’s mantra, “Clothes with meaning, style that sets you apart. Effortlessly,” encapsulates the essence of this collection.

Regarding the anonymous designer, the focus is on the pieces themselves rather than the person behind the brand, allowing the designs to speak for the cultural fusion and creativity they embody.

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