Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is the first in the world to blend the holistic wisdom of Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM) with the modern therapies and health practices established by the internationally acclaimed Thai wellness resort Chiva-Som. Zulal Wellness Resort invites guests to further enhance their personal approach to wellness in 2024 by restoring their mind, body, and spirit through TAIM practices.

Located in northern Qatar in a private coastal location, Zulal Wellness Resort is the first and largest wellness destination in the Middle East to feature dedicated wellness retreats that offer health solutions uniquely personalised for guests embarking on a bespoke journey through a series of immersive experiences. TAIM, deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Arab and Islamic cultures, brings a holistic approach to well-being that aligns seamlessly with Chiva-Som’s commitment to providing transformative journeys towards better health. Together, they present a unique fusion of traditional wisdom and contemporary luxury at Zulal Wellness Resort.

Offering a unique haven of tranquillity and wellness for guests of all ages, Zulal Wellness Resort offers two distinct experiences: Zulal Serenity is a child-free oasis designed for reflective and mindful wellbeing journeys, while Zulal Discovery invites guests of all ages, particularly families, to reconnect and explore the joys of healthy living through a wellness lifestyle. Each retreat at Zulal Wellness Resort aims to unlock the guest’s inner healing powers, to refresh and rejuvenate the body and spirit by drawing inspiration from the region’s culture, scientific and philosophical heritage, with Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine remaining at the heart of every offering.

TAIM Consultation

Zulal Wellness Resort offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in a tailor-made TAIM wellness retreat with a personal 50-min wellness consultation led by a qualified TAIM specialist. With over 250 medicinal herbs used in contemporary TAIM practice, the specialists use a TAIM-based diagnostic approach to guide the guests’ selection of programmes and suggest appropriate lifestyle and herbal remedy recommendations to sustain balance for both optimal health and wellbeing. Some of the TAIM therapies offered include Hijama, a dry/wet cupping therapy, Massage Al-Batin, an abdominal massage, Traditional Qatari Deep Tissue Hamiz Massage, Signature Full Body Tadleek, and more.

Zulal Wellness Resort also offers a range of spiritual therapies that help guests connect with themselves, their families and mother nature led by visiting practitioners and spiritual counsellors.

TAIM in Daily Life

The apothecary at Zulal Wellness Resort carries over 180 local herbs and teas, of which are prescribed by TAIM specialists to restore balance and serenity to the body, mind and spirit. While staying at the resort, guests can take part in wellness cooking, tea infusion and essential oil workshops, and learn the key TAIM ingredients to work towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Guests can enjoy mouth-watering dishes guilt-free, as the culinary offerings at Zulal Wellness Resort incorporate a range of TAIM-inspired dishes, and featuring ingredients known for their healing properties in Arab and Islamic traditions.

Zulal Wellness Resort is a pioneering wellness destination in the Middle East, dedicated to celebrating the potential for physical, mental, and emotional health across six key pillars. These include Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health and Aesthetics, infused by TAIM, and inviting guests to embrace positive lifestyle changes and embark on a transformative experience.

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