The Milanese brand Pomellato are honouring their heritage with these colourful additions to the Iconica collection.

The Iconica collection is composed of utterly refined designs. In the new pieces, its sculptural silhouette, synonymous with traditional goldsmithing techniques, meets with the opulence of the Byzantine era, reminiscent of Pomellato’s early lines. They also add another dimension by including extra colours to the range with three rings, earrings and necklaces.

The luxury house is known for exploring novel ways of incorporating hues into jewellery and is focused on refining both the cut of the stones and setting techniques. The artisans work closely with the design team to create jewels celebrating traditional handmade skills while adding modern twists. The result is a stunning contrast between the geometry of the colour-saturated gemstones and the voluptuous and smooth curves of Iconica.

The chosen gems are red garnet, London blue topaz and green peridot. These three gemstone colours are dear to Pomellato and, over the years, have appeared in many precious collections. Pomellato have revived and refined the historical English flush-setting technique to achieve a clean, timeless look. Excess gold is removed to create a perfectly sized hollow into which the custom-cut, baguette-shaped stones are embedded. The gold is then firmly pushed against the gem to hold it in place.

The open chain of the lariat-style necklace is held together with an adjustable gold slider covered in tinted gems. This innovative sliding system has a versatile all-gold mechanism that glides over the delicate chain allowing different ways to wear the necklace. The earrings hug the lobes, and six gemstones are set around the entire sweep of gold.

Iconica presents exciting ways to wear the jewels with elegant informality. Worn on their own, the new items bring an injection of colour to an outfit but are equally appealing in a stack of classic gold Iconica rings or mixed and matched with diamond pavé versions.

For more information,
please call Pomellato Boutique at Place Vendôme Mall on 4415 3555.

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