The Magic of Ageless Jewellery

The inception of the company dates back to 1974, a visionary venture led by Enrico Capra alongside a distinguished group of professionals, in the heart of the Italian Fine Jewellery capital. Their primary goal was to craft a contemporary design collection featuring original shapes and volumes.

The ENRICO CAPRA style, an innovative and instantly recognisable aesthetic marked by refined taste, uniqueness, and a distinctly feminine allure, has propelled the brand to unparalleled success. They have become synonymous with elegance and distinction, with their colour combinations of noble materials, the purity of precious gems, and mastery in working with gold seamlessly blending to create jewellery that is both original and exclusive.

Choosing to present the brand under Enrico Capra’s own name serves as a steadfast guarantee of authenticity and a commitment to quality! Their collections reflect a profound awareness, inviting individuals to personally engage with and appreciate the artistry that defines who they are.

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