Cartier takes us on a voyage of memorable beauty presented in the form of magnificent, wearable jewellery pieces from the Le Voyage Recommencé Collection.

A never-ending quest for beauty and understanding of the world’s natural creations inspire Cartier’s artisans and designers to produce elaborate, unique pieces. Their expertise and curiosity allow them to journey into the heart of Cartier’s style, approaching their core vision from a new angle.

The Le Voyage Recommencé High Jewellery Collection brings the maison’s legacy of a long lineage that is more contemporary than ever. “Working with lines, volumes, colour palettes, inspiration from nature and world cultures…we explore so many territories to push the boundaries of creation and discover new horizons. Like a journey that is repeated over and over again, continually drawing on the inexhaustible sources of Cartier inspiration,” says Jacqueline Karachi, Director of High Jewellery Creation at Cartier.

Geometry and polarity are two vital elements in Cartier’s style. This collection brings the brand’s expertise when conceptualising form and pattern, developed around symmetry or asymmetry, with the addition of the strength of contrasts. Another crucial aspect is the purity of lines. The balance of shapes and volumes is essential in creating harmonious proportions.


Free yourself from everything static with this intricate creation. The necklace is a composition boasting a powerful visual impact that unfolds around a 19.27-carat Ceylon sapphire, producing a striking sensation of motion. Inspired by the dresses of the whirling dervishes (garments that flow freely during the spinning Sufi whirling ritual), this necklace forms a swirling series of curves and counter-curves. Computer Aided Design (CAD) was used for its extreme precision, which was required to conceive a three-dimensional structure of one piece to transcribe the creative concept behind the necklace. To ensure that these precious swirls sit as close to the skin as possible, the artisans have integrated tiny invisible articulations into the central motif. The arabesque details let the light dance.

In this dazzling necklace, stylisation and figuration flawlessly interact with one another. The feline’s head is realistic from the tip of its nose to its almond-shaped emerald eyes and pointed ears. The coat is pixelated into a cloud of geometric shapes and spotted with onyx. A masterpiece, the panther appears to watch over a set of three aquamarines totalling 20.33 carats with a powerful chromatic intensity. Fine touches of lapis lazuli punctuate the composition and play on the contrast. In 1914, Louis Cartier borrowed the panther’s coat to decorate a platinum, diamond and onyx watch and, since then, it has been used in many other creations and has become a symbol of the maison. Cartier’s panther is seen as a sensual, independent and liberated alter ego.

With a reversible structure interplaying colours and motifs, this necklace pays homage to traditional Mughal jewellery from India. Mughals were known for exquisite jewellery items made from gold and precious stones. In the Dohara necklace, one side bursts light from the fire of diamonds, white gold and sculpted rock crystals. On the other, an explosion of red, green and blue lacquer elements refers to an emblematic Cartier colour combination. The centre features three oval brilliant-cut diamonds visible on both sides. Each pavilion is set in a translucent rock crystal motif that harmonises the volume at the back and leaves the diamonds visible – the finished creation gently drapes over the skin.

This necklace has a line of Ceylon sapphires, and everything is built around it. On either side, sapphire and emerald patterns form a symmetrical grid punctuated by graphic onyx details that produce an almost kinetic effect. This structure reveals an organisation in distinct planes, like architecture. The overall effect is a chromatic signature of the peacock motif by Louis Cartier. This creation combines geometry, optical effects and volume. The 18 sapphires and 36 emeralds were cut into triangles by the maison lapidaries and then placed one by one in motifs assembled on several levels in a setting designed to emphasise the aesthetics of a necklace that slips effortlessly over the skin.

The architecture of the shapes and the choice of this singular solar diamond make this a fiercely Cartier creation. Made with a 4.15-carat, yellow-brown fancy colour diamond with an original diamond cut, this centrepiece adds a dazzling detail. All around, triangular white diamonds form a fractal structure split into symmetrical fragments. The mirror polish of the metal emphasises the void like a graphic line, adding depth to the design and a sense of levitation around the stone. Powerful lines and the flow of light are combined to enhance the brilliance of this rare stone.

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