Women are either obsessed with shoes or handbags (sometimes both!). This month we’ve selected a few exquisite bags from the new collections that come with some twists. Which one is your favourite?

Matching shoes and bags is a classic style move. However, clothing and handbag twinnies are a new trend. Etro opted for a zig-zag motif to camouflage its carrier in a skirt with a similar print.

Winter is the season for fluffy and soft clothing items, but also accessories with extra volume. Celine is one of many brands betting on woolly handbags – the good thing is that they double as a warm cuddler!

Some bags don’t even look like bags. This JW Anderson number looks more like a paper envelope. The designer is known for his urban influences and bizarre and creative accessories.

Along the line of handbags that don’t look like bags, Louis Vuitton went beyond and created an emblematic carrier resembling a dollhouse. The accessory reflects the sophistication of the modern French style that inspired the AW 2023/2024 collection.

Moschino means funkiness. The brand likes to create handbags that look like clothing pieces. This one is inspired by a classic trench coat, while others resemble a biker jacket or tuxedo.

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