A trip to Paris to savour delectable French specialities without leaving Qatar is what AMS experienced at La Parisienne Doha.

Walking into La Parisienne Doha, we were enveloped by quaint French charm. The interior was adorned with murals depicting serene Parisian streets, adding a brushstroke of authenticity to the atmosphere. Marble-topped tables and woven bistro chairs invited diners to linger over their café au lait, while golden accents and soft lighting cast a warm, inviting glow.

At the heart of the patisserie, glass display cases presented a tempting array of confections. Pastries, each a miniature work of art, were meticulously arranged, their delicate designs and vibrant colours beckoning the eye and the palate. The polished marble counters shimmered, reflecting the light and the rainbow of dessert hues, creating a dazzling visual feast that complemented the culinary one.


We were warmly greeted by Chef Salim and his team, and their friendly smiles and enthusiastic welcome set the tone. The service was attentive and swift; the staff, attuned to our needs, promptly brought tea and water to our table – a prelude to the impeccable service that would define our experience.


Our first taste, the Baguette au Dinde Fumée et Fromage, reimagined the classic with a perfect balance of crispy baguette, smoked turkey and creamy cheese. The smokiness of the meat and the freshness of the baguette danced together in harmony. The Bagel au L’oignon transported us to the streets of New York, the subtly onion-infused bagel embracing the filling in a soft, firm hug. Its texture and flavour whispered the secrets of a dough kneaded and baked with love.

The Panini à la Caprese captured a sunny Italian day between golden, pressed bread slices. The mozzarella, tomato and basil lifted our spirits, enveloped in the warmth of an Italian grandmother’s embrace. Our journey turned luxurious with the Tartine de Bresaola et Camembert, an elegant dance of thin bresaola slices and velvety Camembert on hearty bread, with sweet figs perched on top, adding balance to the arrangement. La Parisienne’s bread-making prowess caught our attention. Each sandwich, a love letter to its bread, showcased how something as simple as flour, water, yeast and salt can be transformed into something that not only feeds the body but also the soul.


After our sandwich symphony, we ventured into salads, each served in playful mini portions. The Salade Niçoise brought a Mediterranean burst, mingling lettuce, potatoes, green beans and cherry tomatoes with boiled egg and brined tuna. Dressed lightly, each forkful was a fresh Côte d’Azur breeze, a brief affair with the French Riviera.

The Salade César Poulet offered a fresh take on the classic, with crisp romaine under Caesar’s embrace, tender grilled chicken, finely shaved parmesan and golden croutons crafting a symphony of texture and taste, a succinct story in every bite.

Our journey concluded with the Salade de Pois Chiches et Lentilles, a blend of chickpeas, lentils, kale and avocado, adorned with pomegranate seeds and a tahini mustard dressing. This dish whispered tales of the Middle East; its mix of flavours and textures a delicate reminder that we were, indeed, in the heart of the Gulf. These salads were stars in their own right, showcasing La Parisienne’s commitment to variety and quality. They were the perfect interlude, refreshing our palates and preparing us for a delightful turn towards the exotic.


We were pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a trio of delightful poke bowls. First up, the Saumon was an oceanic feast, with seared salmon, avocado and edamame set against a backdrop of crisp vegetables and tobiko bursts. A picture of minimalist elegance, the Chirashi showcased fresh salmon and tuna sashimi on rice. Accompanied by soy sauce, it was a delicate haiku to sushi’s art, capturing the sea’s essence in every bite. Recognising the need to cater to a variety of tastes, the Végétalien / Vegan wove a colourful plant-based tapestry. Grilled teriyaki tofu brought savoury depth, while a mix of vegetables and avocado delivered crisp contrasts and creamy finishes.


Before we delved into the desserts, Chef Tamer gave us an insight into his craft. He detailed the intricate processes behind each creation, from the precise art of choux pastry to the passionate pursuit of the perfect macaron. This introduction deepened our appreciation for the culinary artistry awaiting us in the final act.

We began with the Éclair au Chocolat, a choux pastry wonder filled with rich chocolate cream. Each bite married the crispness of the pastry with the velvety indulgence of chocolate, creating an experience of pure decadence. Then came the Macaron Framboise, a vibrant raspberry marvel. Its delicate shell encased a burst of natural raspberry filling, balancing sweet and tart in a dance of flavours.

Next, we indulged in the Paris-Brest, an ode to hazelnut with choux dough and praline cream. The dough’s integrity, paired with the rich, nutty praline, created a symphony of tastes. It was a dessert that spoke of the careful art of balance, delivering a richly satisfying hazelnut embrace with every mouthful.

Finally, the pièce de résistance, the Cacahuete Gianduja Croquer. This dessert, a harmonious blend of peanut, milk ganache, and Gianduja crunch, stole our hearts. The chef ’s enthusiasm as he detailed the process of balancing the textures and flavours, ensuring each element shone while complementing the others, revealed the dessert’s complexity.


Our visit to La Parisienne Doha was a study of the subtleties of culinary craftsmanship. Bread and pastry-making skills married to create a diversity of flavours across sandwiches, salads, poke bowls and intricate desserts. The hands behind each creation led us to appreciate the artistry involved, while the ambience – a harmonious blend of relaxed sophistication and vibrant energy – made us feel at home. Whether it’s a quick lunch, an afternoon tea, a special family treat or an evening meal of charcuterie and cheese, La Parisienne caters to moments that matter. It’s a place where the love for exquisite food and shared moments come alive, making every bite and every visit, memorably sublime.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call
La Parisienne Doha at InterContinental Doha The City on 7056 9432.

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