An Elegant AFFAIR

After experiencing her expertise at the Ohlala Spa & Wellness Awards, we sat down with Ballerina MARGARITA BOLOGAN to talk about her life, her love for the art of ballet and her business, Studio Ballet Arabesque Qatar.

Tell me a little bit about yourself
I was born and raised in Sevastopol, South of USSR. I started ballet at the age of six and went to continue my studies at one of the most notable choreographic colleges in the USSR. I stayed there for eight years and started my career in Moscow at “Ballet Moscow” where I danced for 15 years before leaving for Qatar with my family.

I love the stage and I love to dance even more but I had some trouble finding performance theatres locally so I changed my profession. In 2015 I graduated from Russian University of Theatre Arts ( GITIS ) after majoring as a teacher of ballet dance. Now I am dancing only for pleasure and professionally teaching kids and adults of classic ballet, how to direct/ choreograph shows and provide master classes for people wishing to teach others ballet.

Do you have any theatrical superstitions or rituals?
I do not believe in theoretical superstitions and rituals, however, a true ballerina should always look after her appearance and check her pointe shoes before the show

Who or what was your biggest influence for ballet?
I never had any artists that I could use as my role models but overall the concept of Russian classical ballet naturally influenced my career. One of the outstanding characteristics of a Russian ballerina is her academism of performance, the neatness of her body line, the beauty of her legs, the elegance of the performance to her dance and the fulfillment to her role. From early childhood, we are taught to combine the perfection of technical performance and the emotional expression of the soul. I pass these fundamental concepts to my students in Qatar as well.

What is the most important part of a performance for you?
Of course every artist is dying to hear the applause of her audience, but for me the most important idea is for the spectator to notice not only the physical aspect of the dance but also get caught by the emotional aura of the performance. When a viewer empathises with the theatrical character, the most wanted reward for us is when the audience sheds a tear in the theatrical room and they leave with a pure and fulfilled feeling of satisfaction.

“From early childhood, we are taught to combine the perfection of technical performance and the emotional expression of the soul.”

Why is ballet such an important part of your life?
Ballet, just like classical literature or any other form of art, progresses our civilization to humanity by saving our moral treasures. Art is important for preserving the older generations’ traditions for developing human possibilities and spiritual growth. Art, from century-to-century, is passing on the classical canons that later serve the future society as its guidance. I believe the most fundamental aspect as a teacher is to pass on the aesthetics of the classical ballet that originated in The Royal Palace, existing in accordance with strict regulations, into the rushed everyday routines of our modern world. Girls who practice the art of classical ballet symbolise a little lady who maintains perfect coordination, stable posture and has the ability to represent herself with elegance and dignity. Many, due to this practice, reach great heights of success in their later lives ranging from leading Hollywood stars to royal families that start ballet from an early age. This is a successful self-improving form of art that I am grateful to pass this onto the young generation.

Tell me your favourite thing about Qatar.
I consider Qatar as my second home country and adore this land. It attracts me with its sunny weather, the will to progress, the kindness of the people, excellent service and the long-lasting goals for the future. I have three children, two of which were born here in Qatar. I hope that they will also sincerely love Qatar for all their lives and that they’ll be grateful for this wonderful land, and join with its development.


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