Iconic Reimagined: ATELIER ZUHRA

In awe of the splendor of the dresses of ATELIER ZUHRA, ANUSHAY TAIMUR KHAN got on board to get a behind-the-scenes vibe before they exhibited at Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition.

What is the inspiration behind your pieces?
The collection is called “Infinity” and it draws inspiration from different coloured gemstones. The colours used in the collection match that of gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Citrine.

How do you choose your material for every dress?
The process of choosing materials always comes once I have decided the theme and conceptualized my idea behind the collection. Once I am clear on that, choosing materials is not a difficult task, as I would know what exactly would go with the designs I have made. I always use soft materials on which I can use a lot of embellishments. Atelier Zuhra’s overall vibe is very feminine and delicate so we choose our materials that would fit the aesthetic of the brand.

How did it feel to have a solo show at London Fashion week?
Honestly it felt extremely liberating for us it was a huge deal to conduct a solo show in a city like London and doing it successfully gave me a lot of confidence. I am proud of my entire team without whom this wouldn’t have been possible and from this point I assure you that we will only grow bigger.

Describe the ideal Atelier Zuhra bride?
Firstly, I believe an ideal Atelier Zuhra bride should be confident and should conduct herself with dignity. Our designs are very unique and the bride should carry it off well in a way that both the dress and the bride compliment each other.

How does it feel to have the label of the Best Arab Designer?
I feel overwhelmed to hear this and again would like to mention that I have reached this stage only by the grace of God, with immense support of my family and my entire team. I believe there are a lot of Arab designers who are equally talented and this brings me a lot of pride and challenges me to better myself at every given stage.

How does exhibiting in Heya add value to the brand?
Exhibiting in Heya is big platform where I can promote my bridal collection with the rest of the world. It is an exhibition ATELIER ZUHRA for all the couture bridal designers to showcase their wedding gowns. I meet a lot of new designers and get inspired. It is a great opportunity to promote the Middle Eastern talent.

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